Downtown Summerlin Mall

There is another side of Las Vegas that many people often overlook. Blame it on the allure of the flashing neon lights or the anticipation of visiting the casinos for the first time, but many tourists remain on the infamous Vegas Strip for most of their trip. Unfortunately, by doing so, they neglect the other … Continued

Frequently Asked Questions about Las Vegas

Las Vegas

There are many frequently asked questions about Las Vegas each day. These article answers many of them. Have a question? Contact us! Where is the best place to live in Las Vegas? “Best” is whatever are meets the criteria you and your family are looking for. While one person may feel that living downtown is … Continued

Fire Sprinklers May Soon Be Mandatory In New Las Vegas Construction

Fire Fighters are in a constant battle with fire across the Las Vegas area. Now, they are fighting another battle with politicians. The Clark County fire department is encouraging politicians to pass a bill requiring that all newly constructed residential houses have fire sprinklers installed. Las Vegas currently has a law that states that any house … Continued

The Top 5 Themed Hotels in Las Vegas

It’s completely a matter of opinion whether you think the lavishly themed hotels that dot the Vegas strip are playfully extravagant or over-the-top kitschy–in reality, both views are correct. Still, there’s no denying that Las Vegas takes themed entertainment to a new level. The architectural wonders Sin City has to offer guarantee that you will … Continued

Arizona Charlie’s Decatur Pool

Take a swim through the wild west in this private pool. Make sure you don’t wear your cowboy hat into the pool. This medium-size pool is located outdoors Not heated Chairs are provided but cannot be reserved Towel service is available There is one jacuzzi to relax in This pool is enclosed for maximum privacy … Continued

Best Pools in Las Vegas

When the valley heats up, so do the pools. With warm weather most of the year, Las Vegas has become one of the best sunbathing destinations in the world. With DJ’s, VIP service, and Bikini contests, Las Vegas is the place to be for the Summer! So where are the Best Pools in Las Vegas? … Continued

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder Pools

Arizona Charlie’s Boulder Casino Hotel contains not one but two excellent pools. These relaxing pools provide endless relief from the Las Vegas heat. Hotel Courtyard Pool at Arizona Charlie’s Boulder Outdoor pool located outside the hotel Not heated Chairs are provided by the hotel There is a built-in hot tub Towel service is provided by … Continued

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas | The Jobs, The Clubs, The Buffet and more.

Experience the best Las Vegas has to offer at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. There is so much more to the Las Vegas experience than gambling, and this deluxe establishment provides almost everything that you could imagine. Stop by and enjoy a staycation at this beautiful resort. It’s located in the heart of Las Vegas Blvd on … Continued

Amazon to Provide up to 500 jobs North Las Vegas

Amazon recently announced the creation of 500 jobs, reflecting the robust recovery in North Las Vegas and the rest of southern Nevada. Amazon already had a presence in the state, but it looks like the online behemoth will, like many other company, continue to grow throughout the year. If you’re searching for a job, Amazon … Continued

Aria Liquid Lounge Pool

Pool Features   215,000 s/f pool deck with 3 outdoor heated pools VIP Pools with 8 private cabanas and 35 day beds 3 Jacuzzi’s Towel Service Bar and Cafe Chairs and Lounges 35 Cabanas + daybeds that can be reserved Raft Rentals available each day for a fee (complimentary with Cabana Rental) DJ’s Pool Hours … Continued

Alexis Park Pool

Pool Features 3 5′ deep heated outdoor pools (max) Hotel Towel Service Jacuzzi Food and Beverage Service Chairs and Lounges (not reservable) Two Cabanas Pool Hours Pool 1: 9am to 8PM (lifeguard) – Seasonal Pool 2 and 3: 10am to 10PM Public or Private Access Hotel Guests Only Location and Map 375 E. Harmon Ave., … Continued

Bally’s Las Vegas Pool

What does the Pool Offer? The Blu Pool is an oversized outdoor swimming pool at Bally’s las vegas. Relax, and soak in the rays while you are catered to by poolside cocktail service. Enjoy DJ music, frozen cocktails, and reservable cabanas. 12′ deep pool Cabanas with personal service includes television, lounge chairs, fresh fruit, dining … Continued

Retiring in Las Vegas, a Growing Trend

Why Retire in Las Vegas? When it comes to thinking about where they will retire, a lot of retirees dream of going to a sunny place with a lot of beaches. Retiring in Las Vegas might be considered a gamble.  However, if they take a gamble on this town, where gambling is what this town is … Continued

Coyotes in Las Vegas – Protect Your Pets from Predators

It’s a beautiful new day in Las Vegas. You make your way to the kitchen for that first eye-opening cup of coffee. While you’re waiting for the coffee to brew, you decide to gauge the temperature of the morning. You step out the back door and stop in your tracks. You aren’t alone in your … Continued

Las Vegas Allergies, What Can you Do About Them?

Las Vegas has come a long way ever since it was first discovered in the early 1800’s. This city is situated in the state of Nevada and is one of the biggest cities in the United States. With an estimated population of over two million people. Las Vegas was established on modernism and new beginnings. … Continued

Snakes in Las Vegas! Here’s what you need to know!

Las Vegas, Nevada is most recognized for tantalizing shows, 24 hour entertainment, paramount buffets, roller coasters, and gambling. But life off of the Las Vegas strip thrives with residential communities. Those off-the-strip communities are constructed in a desert region. Most residents of Las Vegas are familiar with certain pests – spiders, lizards, and scorpions. But … Continued

How to get Married in Las Vegas

Getting married in Las Vegas? Las Vegas has more wedding venues than any other city in North America, so it can be difficult to choose which venue is the best for you and your future spouse. From drive-thru weddings to extravagant, all inclusive weddings Las Vegas offers a bit of everything. Here we have put … Continued

Golden Nugget Las Vegas Pool

Swim with sharks they said? Well why not! In Las Vegas, most are open to a low risk gamble. The Tank 3 Story Water Slide Shark Tank! Chaises, Lounge Chairs, Daybeds Waterfalls Music Blackjack Tables 9-7 weekdays, 9-9 weekends Public charge (non hotel guests) – $35.00 (kids 2 and under get in free). Subject to … Continued

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Pool

There are three pools to choose from in The pool district at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.  These are the Boulevard Pool, The Chelsea Pool and the Marquee Dayclub pool. Choose to Party poolside with DJ’s or sunbathe in a relaxing environment. The Boulevard & Chelsea Pools are opened for hotel guests only. Marquee Dayclub is open … Continued

Paris Las Vegas Pool

The view around the paris Las Vegas pool is certainly something to notice. Swimming next to the Eiffel Tower is not something that happens every day. Soleil Pool at Paris Las Vegas 2 Acre Rooftop Pool Spa Poolside attendants Outdoor Cafe: Care du Parc Poolside Massages can be reserved by Mandara Spa Private Air Conditioned Cabanas … Continued

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Pool

Head on over to Planet Hollywood  Las Vegas Pool and spend the day swimming and riding the new FlowRider. From VIP Cabanas and Daybeds, to DJ’s and Pleasure Pools, Planet Hollywood has something for you. Open during the season from 10am to 7pm. 10am to 7pm 2 Individual Pool Decks Pleasure Pools Flowrider “Surf the … Continued

501 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, officially known as the City of Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. Vegas City is renowned internationally as an important resort city. This resort town is famous primarily because of its buzzing energy, mega shopping malls, fine dining, 24-hour casinos and the endless entertainment available. Vegas’s reputation of … Continued

Haunted Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that captivates the hearts and minds of many visitors who make the journey into the desert to see it. While the giltz, glam, and bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip are a sign in and of themselves, the city also has a darker, supernatural side that cannot be ignored. … Continued

Getting around with Uber in Las Vegas – and Lyft

If you live, work or visit Las Vegas Area, from your Henderson Home, to the Strip to Fremont Street, you can now use either of the country’s two top ride-hailing services, Uber and Lyft, for transportation. Both services are powered by the company’s own app that pairs people in need of a ride with vetted, … Continued

Hells Kitchen Comes to Sin City

Las Vegas is a hot destination for a variety of reasons including delicious food options, a variety of entertainment, and lots of gambling. The place is about to get a lot hotter, though, since Gordon Ramsay has announced plans for a Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant in Caesars Palace. Gordon Ramsay is known for bringing the heat, … Continued

Evolution Expeditions

Evolution Expeditions is a perfect for a family outing. Evolution Expeditions offers kayak tours, wake sports and has a water park. The kayak tours can take you around the Hoover Dam or to Black Canyon; there is a twilight tour that is a perfect way to watch the sunset. The water park area has slides … Continued

Las Vegas Meals Home Delivery Service

Wondering where to get Home Delivery Service for healthy means in Las Vegas?  Las Vegas, Nevada may be known as the city that never sleeps, a 24-hour town, but there are times when 24 hours in a day just doesn’t feel like enough. You want to eat healthy, but you don’t have time to plan … Continued

Vegas Golden Knights, Las Vegas Hockey Team

What a time it is for ice hockey fans in Las Vegas. Last year, the NHL announced that Las Vegas will have its own ice hockey team. Preparations are underway and the team is in place. After several months of waiting, late November last year, Bill Foley, the owner of the new Las Vegas ice … Continued

Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden at Mirage

More Information: 702.791.7188 M-F 11 to 5  Saturday and Sunday 10-5 (Hours subject to change) 3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89109 Click to Visit Website  The secret garden & dolphin habitat at the Mirage is a great way to keep kids entertained for the afternoon. The dolphin habit is home to both adult … Continued

Costa di Mare

Costa di Mare | Best Restaurants Located at The Wynn Hotel the Costa di Mare, formally know as the Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare offers the best in seafood. This is flown straight from the Mediterranean and served to you in under 24 hours to ensure the best flavor and ultimate freshness. While visiting this fine dining restaurant, experience … Continued

10 Fun Facts about Las Vegas

Full of twinkling lights, sparkling champagne, and dazzling showgirls, Las Vegas offers something for everyone in the entire household. More than 70 million people frequent Las Vegas every year for the eclectic shops, unique shows, unmatched all-you-can-eat buffets, and the plethora of hotels, casinos, restaurants, spas, gaming centers and roller coasters that make up Sin … Continued

Living in Las Vegas – Record City

There’s something about the sound of classic vinyl – a smooth hissing hum behind the songs, a crackle and pop melting into the music. Something magical happens when the needle hits the record. This sound disappeared for the most part with the advent of 8 tracks and cassette tapes, and eventually into c.d.s and mp3s … Continued

The Ballen Spotlight – Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria

When we asked Las Vegas residents to tell us where they went to get a delicious pizza, one name that kept coming up again and again was Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria. So, it’s easy to see why Grimaldi’s is in The Ballen Spotlight for the month of October. Grimaldi’s Coal Brick-Oven Pizzeria is located at … Continued

The Best Pizza Places in Las Vegas

There’s nothing quite like the perfect pizza, but what makes the best pizza is a matter of opinion. So, we asked Las Vegas residents where they go when they want delicious pizza. We think you’ll have a marvelous time exploring these pizza restaurants in search of your perfect pizza! Before you go running off on … Continued

Home Maintenance Tips for Las Vegas Residents

Being a homeowner is rewarding, but it’s also a big responsibility. Keeping things repaired and in good working order is important to maintaining the value in your home. You want to protect your investment and make your home a wonderful place to spend your time. Cleaning Services | Handymen | Landscaping | Hardware Stores Because … Continued

Cat and Dog Groomers in Las Vegas

Keeping your dogs, cats, and other pets healthy includes making sure they are properly groomed. Because we love our pets, we want them to look and feel their best. Taking them to a groomer who understands their needs and is dedicated to safe practices is a must. Before you hand your beloved pet over to … Continued

Best Sushi Restaurants in Summerlin

There are two camps when it comes to sushi. People love sushi or hate sushi; there is seldom a line in the middle. For those who can think of nothing they would rather have on a weekend night out with friends, we’re going to fill you in on different types of sushi and where to … Continued

Locals Choose the Best Shows in Las Vegas

If you’re thinking of heading to Las Vegas to take in some shows, there is no shortage of choices in live entertainment. This destination, known also as Sin City, provides the perfect getaway for people who cannot decide where to travel simply because Las Vegas never sleeps, and the area abounds with vibrant and diverse … Continued

Where to Find Grass Fed Beef in Las Vegas | Grass Fed Beef Las Vegas

  At one time in our history, it was common for people to harvest vegetables and raise animals for butchering. As populations expanded, and new techniques were discovered, more and more of our food became processed in factories and industrialized animal farms. With health concerns on the rise, scientific breakthroughs and an easy access to … Continued

Best Las Vegas Steakhouses, Many Open as Early as 4PM

A steak house is a restaurant that specializes in beef steaks and additional individual pieces of meat such as chicken, pork or lamb chops. These restaurants are often called chophouses. Steaks are made to order and are served up with side dishes such as rolls and baked potatoes. With a wide variety of famous restaurants … Continued

Living in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Weather

Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most popular places to visit in the United States. It isn’t a place that’s just for indoor enjoyment, though. There are many things to do on the outside, too. Fortunately, Las Vegas has outdoor-friendly temperatures year round. Here’s a quick summary of the types of temperatures you can … Continued

What Time is it in Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Time Zone is Pacific. Las Vegas is 2 hours behind Central Time, and 3 hours behind the East Coast. Las Vegas does participate in daylight savings time. In the Summer, it is dark in the 8 o’clock hour and in the winter as early as 4:30 PM Check out these great Las … Continued

Choosing a Gym in Las Vegas

Visiting a gym can help you stay in shape, get healthy, and relieve stress. With hundreds of gyms to choose from in the Las Vegas area, you may find it overhelming when it comes to finding one that suits your needs. We’ve compiled a list of gyms in the Las Vegas area to help you … Continued

Simple Get Aways From Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas, Nevada rapidly grew from a dust town in the middle of the desert in the American West to one of the largest entertainment destinations in the world. With the growth, and constant reinvention, of the Las Vegas Strip, the city has grown to offer a wide variety of entertainment options … Continued

Best Dueling Piano Bars in las Vegas

Man is playing piano at a bar with pretty woman nearby

Las Vegas is famous for plenty of reasons, and infamous for plenty too. While things have changed a lot In the long, storied history of the city, one thing has remained the same – Las Vegas is THE place to go for entertainment. Sound is one of the inescapable components of sin city, from beeps, … Continued

Just a Short Drive from Las Vegas to the Valley of Fire

Things to Do in Las Vegas Las Vegas is a great place to live, but sometimes it’s nice to get away for a day or two to see other areas and experience different things. Fortunately for Las Vegas residents, only an hour away by car is one of Nevada’s most impressive natural settings: Valley of … Continued

Things to do in Las Vegas

Search Results for: things to do in las vegas Things to Do in Las Vegas, Movie Theaters Below the article, you’ll find a list of Las Vegas movie theaters. Enjoy browsing the latest in Las Vegas REal Estate as well. There is a vast array of entertainment options in Las Vegas. Going to the movies … Continued

Best Family Restaurants in Las Vegas

1: Cheese Cake Factory, at Caesars Palace by the forum shops, American, Casual 3575 Las Vegas Blvd. LV NV, 702-792-6888. 2: Maggiano’s little Italy, Family Style Italian, Reasonably Priced, Casual, in the Fashion Show Mall, 3200, Las Vegas Blvd. S LV NV 89109-2612, 702-732-2550. 3: Kahuanavilla at Treasure Island, Regional Cuisines, No Dress code, 3300 … Continued

Things to Do in Las Vegas, Movie Theaters

Below the article, you’ll find a list of Las Vegas movie theaters. Enjoy browsing the latest in Las Vegas REal Estate as well. There is a vast array of entertainment options in Las Vegas. Going to the movies can be a good change of pace. A relaxing getaway from the gaming and slot machines at … Continued


Who doesn’t love a good buffet? Las Vegas is known for it’s many lavish buffet style meals including specialty food themes from around the world. Here’s a list of best buffets in Las Vegas to get you started.   1: Bacchanal Buffet At Caesar’s Place, One of the finest buffets in town. Chef Ryan Nuqui. … Continued


Whether you like a traditional outdoor BBQ or an all you can barbecue buffet, Vegas offers it. Here’s a list of best barbecue in Las Vegas. Let us know if you have a favorite to add to this list. 1: Mesa Grill, Caesars Palace, Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay, $$$, Southwestern Cuisine, Business casual, 3570 Las … Continued

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

There are numerous places to eat referred to as the best restaurants in Las Vegas Nevada. Some with incredible themes, stunning decor and unforgettable views. The Las Vegas strip has become a mecca for world renowned chefs. There is a cuisine for every taste. There are a vast range of dining choices. Anywhere from fine … Continued

Las Vegas – Gambling Addiction, or Vegas Addiction

A vast array of glitz and glamour lure you in to the Las Vegas hotels and on to the casino floors, each with their own unique style and presence. An abundance of free offers await you as you enter, enticing you to sit down and take the free drink being presented to you. The noise … Continued

“Slide The City” of Las Vegas

Hey, Check this out: All Homes For Sale in Las Vegas with Pools under $200,000  Las Vegas, Summerlin, other area residents, and visitors prepare to experience the wildest slip and slide in the world. Take an exhilarating trip down a 1,000 feet vinyl water slide, through the streets of Las Vegas. Slide the City is … Continued

Best Irish Pubs for St. Patrick’s Day in Las Vegas

St. Patty’s Day is around the corner, and it’s an exciting time of the year when everyone turns Irish for a day. Las Vegas is an exhilarating place to be during St Patrick’s Day. It is the culture of most Las Vegas pubs and bars to flow with whiskey and Irish green beer while you … Continued

99 Things to Do in Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day

Las Vegas is a phenomenal place to visit any time of year, but when you’re wanting to woo your loved one and celebrate romance, Las Vegas is the place to be! Celebrate with your sweetheart in Las Vegas this Valentine’s Day. Here’s a comprehensive list of 99 Things to do in Las Vegas this Valentine’s Day. … Continued

Best Haunted Houses in Las Vegas

Best Haunted Houses in Las Vegas With autumn just around the corner, thoughts of haunted houses in Las Vegas and other fun things to do in Las Vegas for Halloween are beginning to form. This is the season for spooky thrills and scary adventures. Halloween is not just a one day event anymore, it’s a … Continued

Best Swimming Pool Contractors in Las Vegas

Looking to build a swimming pool in Las Vegas? Check out this selection of the best swimming pool contractors in Las Vegas. If you review this pool builder list and realize you’d like to simply buy a home in Las Vegas with a pool, check our complete website of home listings with pools and neighborhoods with … Continued

5 Best Choices for Christmas Light Installation in Las Vegas

The holiday season is here, and you don’t want to be left behind in the celebrations. Christmas is best celebrated big, bold and bright. This is made possible through the installation of fascinating Christmas lights. Here are some of the best choices for Christmas light installation in Las Vegas. 1. Lighting Las Vegas Location: 10305 … Continued

5 Best Holiday Light Shows in Las Vegas & Henderson

Click here to get a map of the ALL our best locations for holiday light displays and shows in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV! One of the best ways to brighten up the holiday season is to attend one of the best holiday light shows in Las Vegas or Henderson. Las Vegas is a city … Continued

Best Christmas Light Displays in Las Vegas and Henderson

Happen to be moving to Las Vegas or to another home? Check out these great real estate listings by price range. Click here for the rest of the best locations in Las Vegas & Henderson AND the map. Homeowners across the country are powering up light displays that show off their creativity and love of … Continued

Easter Egg Hunt Locations in Las Vegas

It’s that time of year again where winter melts and spring bursts forth with new energy, and plenty of things to do. This Easter, Las Vegas is home to a wide variety of egg-citing events and egg-stravaganzas! Go ahead and hop, skip, or jump into spring by taking advantage of the following opportunities at these … Continued

Things to Do in Las Vegas During Fall

Things to Do in Las Vegas During Fall The cooler weather of Fall gives us a chance to enjoy being outside and spending time with family and friends. Las Vegas is a city that is alive with so many things to do. From autumn flower sales to the most intense haunted houses in Las Vegas … Continued

Fun Things to Know about Las Vegas, New Year’s Eve, and Snow!

Most people, if weather-gambling were a game, would not place their bets on snow in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city in the desert. Surrounding majestic mountains encompass the Vegas Valley, securing the bustling twenty-for-hour city from most of Mother Nature’s temper tantrums. However, all bets are on this New Year’s Eve in classic Las Vegas … Continued

Living in Las Vegas

Living in Las Vegas – Record City Don’t miss out on your list of fun and interesting things to do in Las Vegas each month! Click here! There’s something about the sound of classic vinyl – a smooth hissing hum behind the songs, a crackle and pop melting into the music. Something magical happens when … Continued

Best Places to See the City Lights in Las Vegas

Flying above the city of Las Vegas, approaching Mccarran National Airport, is one of the best views of the lights of the Las Vegas strip, but if you’re not in travel mode, there are several other locales around the city where you can capture a glimpse of the glitz and glitter of the dazzling Las … Continued