Exploring the 13 Best French Restaurants in Las Vegas: A Gourmet’s Guide

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Las Vegas, known for its vibrant nightlife and sprawling casinos, is also a melting pot of culinary experiences. French cuisine, renowned for its elegance and sophistication, finds a special place in the heart of this bustling city. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the best French restaurants in Las Vegas, as recommended by locals and food enthusiasts.

Discover Las Vegas’ finest French dining experiences with our comprehensive guide to the city’s top French restaurants. From the chic LPM Restaurant & Bar at The Cosmopolitan to the art-infused Picasso at Bellagio, and the luxurious Joël Robuchon at MGM Grand, explore a world of exquisite French gastronomy. Indulge in iconic dishes and sophisticated ambiance for a culinary journey that blends the vibrancy of Vegas with the elegance of France. Perfect for food enthusiasts and epicureans alike.

Quick List of French Restaurants

estaurant NameLocationWebsite Link
LPM Restaurant & BarThe CosmopolitanLPM Las Vegas
PicassoBellagio Las VegasPicasso at Bellagio
Joël RobuchonMGM GrandJoël Robuchon Restaurant
Guy SavoyCaesars PalaceRestaurant Guy Savoy
BouchonThe VenetianBouchon at The Venetian
Mon Ami GabiParis Las Vegas HotelMon Ami Gabi
Bardot BrasserieARIA Resort & CasinoBardot Brasserie
Marché BacchusOff-Strip (Lakeside)Marché Bacchus
Eiffel Tower RestaurantParis Las Vegas HotelEiffel Tower Restaurant

1. LPM Restaurant & Bar at The Cosmopolitan

Photo by: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 

LPM Restaurant & Bar, nestled in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, specializes in cuisine from the French Riviera. With its fabulous cocktails and chic ambiance, LPM offers a contemporary take on traditional French dining.

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LPM Restaurant & Bar at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is a distinctive culinary destination that blends the laid-back atmosphere of the French Riviera with the vibrancy of Las Vegas. Nestled in the former space of Estiatorio Milos, this 11,500-square-foot venue, featuring 235 seats excluding the bar, is celebrated for its southern French and Mediterranean cuisine. Its opening has been lauded by sources like Forbes and the Las Vegas Review-Journal, noting its aim to transport guests to the Côte d’Azur through its ambiance and menu.

Customer reviews on Yelp highly praise LPM Restaurant & Bar, particularly its exceptional food, service, and drinks, with a 4.8 out of 5 rating. Eater Vegas highlighted its unique offerings, like levitating cocktails, adding a touch of whimsy to the dining experience. The restaurant’s opening is part of a broader effort to bring the joie de vivre of the French Riviera to Las Vegas, as described by PR Newswire. This venture represents a fusion of cultures and cuisines, offering a unique dining experience at The Cosmopolitan.


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2. Picasso

Photo by: Christopher Dabek  

The Picasso restaurant at Bellagio Las Vegas elevates the dining experience by combining two distinct forms of art: culinary and visual. This establishment is particularly noteworthy for its integration of original artworks by Pablo Picasso, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. The presence of these artworks creates an ambiance that is both culturally rich and visually stimulating.

In terms of cuisine, Picasso specializes in French gastronomy, offering a menu that is as artistic in its presentation as it is in flavor. The dishes are crafted to reflect the sophistication and elegance synonymous with French cooking, often featuring seasonal ingredients and contemporary culinary techniques. This focus on high-quality, flavorful dishes complements the artistic surroundings, making the overall dining experience both luxurious and memorable.

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Moreover, the restaurant’s setting in the Bellagio, one of Las Vegas’s most iconic hotels, adds to its appeal. Known for its opulence and attention to detail, the Bellagio provides the perfect backdrop for a restaurant that seeks to blend artistic heritage with culinary expertise. The combination of Picasso’s art, exquisite French cuisine, and the luxurious setting of the Bellagio makes this restaurant a unique destination for those seeking a dining experience that engages all the senses.

3. Joël Robuchon

Joël Robuchon at the MGM Grand stands as a paragon of luxury dining in Las Vegas. This esteemed restaurant, helmed by the late Joël Robuchon, often hailed as the ‘Chef of the Century,’ is renowned for its exceptional culinary artistry. The dining experience at Joel Robuchon is centered around a multi-course tasting menu, which is a testament to the chef’s innovative approach to French cuisine.

Each dish in the tasting menu is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, combining flavors, textures, and presentation in a way that is both visually stunning and delicious. The menu is a journey through a range of sophisticated and carefully balanced dishes, each reflecting Robuchon’s mastery and creativity in the culinary arts.

The ambiance of the restaurant complements the exquisite food, with an opulent setting that epitomizes the glamour and sophistication of Las Vegas. Dining at Joël Robuchon is not just a meal; it’s an immersive experience that indulges all senses. The combination of the sumptuous environment, the attentive service, and the gastronomic excellence makes Joël Robuchon at the MGM Grand a destination for those seeking the pinnacle of fine dining.

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4. Guy Savoy

Photo Credit: Erik Kabik Photography/ erikkabik.com

Guy Savoy, located in Caesars Palace, is a distinguished Michelin-starred restaurant that brings the essence of Parisian haute cuisine to Las Vegas. Reflecting its Parisian counterpart, this restaurant is celebrated for its exceptional culinary artistry and presentation.

The menu at Guy Savoy is a showcase of iconic dishes, each prepared with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. A standout dish, the Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup, exemplifies the restaurant’s commitment to combining classic French flavors with luxurious ingredients.

The artful presentation of the dishes is a hallmark of Guy Savoy, where each plate is arranged with an eye for aesthetic beauty, enhancing the overall dining experience. The restaurant’s ambiance complements its culinary offerings, providing an elegant and sophisticated setting that aligns with the grandeur of Caesars Palace.

Dining at Guy Savoy is more than just a meal; it’s an exploration of French gastronomy, where traditional techniques meet contemporary innovation. The Michelin star is a testament to the restaurant’s excellence, making it a must-visit destination for gourmands seeking a taste of Paris in the heart of Las Vegas.

5. Bouchon

Photo by Jonathan Hernandez

Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon, nestled in The Venetian, is a culinary gem that transports the charm of Parisian bistros to the heart of Las Vegas. Renowned for its refined bistro fare, Bouchon is a celebration of French culinary traditions, offering a menu that ranges from delectable fresh seafood to classic French desserts.

The essence of Bouchon lies in its commitment to quality and authenticity. The dishes served are a testament to Keller’s mastery in French cuisine, each prepared with precision and care. The menu is designed to reflect the simplicity and depth of flavors that are characteristic of Parisian bistro cooking. Notable offerings such as fresh oysters, coq au vin, and exquisite tarte tatin provide guests with a comprehensive and authentic French dining experience.

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The ambiance of Bouchon complements its culinary ethos. The setting is reminiscent of a classic Paris bistro, with its elegant and relaxed atmosphere. This setting, combined with the exceptional food and service, makes Bouchon a coveted destination for those seeking a slice of Paris in Las Vegas. Whether it’s for a casual brunch or a sophisticated dinner, Bouchon provides a delightful culinary journey to France.

6. Partage

Photo by Shawn Cunningham – Las Vegas

Partage, located in the vibrant area of Chinatown in Las Vegas, distinguishes itself with a modern take on French dining. This restaurant is particularly noted for its array of tasting menus, each designed to take diners on a culinary journey through a variety of flavors and textures.

What sets Partage apart is its contemporary approach to French cuisine. The tasting menus are carefully curated, featuring innovative dishes that combine traditional French techniques with modern culinary concepts. This fusion results in a unique and memorable dining experience, allowing guests to explore a spectrum of dishes ranging from the subtly refined to the boldly creative.

The ambiance of Partage complements its modern culinary ethos. The setting is stylish and sophisticated, yet welcoming, creating an ideal backdrop for an exquisite gastronomic exploration. This restaurant provides an opportunity for diners to engage with French cuisine in a new and exciting way, making it a standout choice for food enthusiasts looking to experience the latest trends in French gastronomy in Las Vegas.

7. Mon Ami Gabi

Photo by Gil Sancha

Mon Ami Gabi, situated at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, offers a quintessential French bistro experience right in the heart of Las Vegas. This casual dining spot captures the essence of a classic Parisian bistro, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a relaxed yet chic culinary adventure.

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The charm of Mon Ami Gabi lies in its authentic bistro ambiance, highlighted by its outdoor patio that offers a picturesque view of the Las Vegas Strip. This setting provides a delightful backdrop for enjoying a range of classic French dishes. The menu at Mon Ami Gabi is a tribute to timeless French flavors, featuring everything from traditional steak frites to a variety of hearty and rustic dishes, all prepared with a focus on quality and simplicity.

Mon Ami Gabi’s combination of a warm, inviting atmosphere and genuine French cuisine creates an experience that’s both comfortable and stylish. It’s the perfect spot for a leisurely meal, whether it’s a sunny brunch on the patio or a cozy dinner under the stars, offering a slice of Paris amidst the bustling energy of Las Vegas.

8. Bardot Brasserie

Photo by Brian TwentyTwenty

Bardot Brasserie, located in ARIA Resort & Casino, is a celebration of French culture and cuisine, bringing the essence of a Parisian brasserie to Las Vegas. This restaurant, created by acclaimed chef Michael Mina, offers a modern interpretation of classic French brasserie fare, blending tradition with contemporary flair.

The menu at Bardot Brasserie features a variety of timeless French dishes, executed with culinary precision and a modern twist. From fresh seafood to expertly prepared meats, each dish showcases the rich flavors and techniques characteristic of French cooking. The brasserie is also known for its extensive selection of French wines and cocktails, enhancing the authentic dining experience.

The ambiance of Bardot Brasserie is both elegant and inviting, with its chic décor and warm lighting creating a sophisticated yet comfortable setting. This restaurant provides a perfect backdrop for a range of occasions, from casual gatherings to celebratory dinners, offering guests a taste of France in the heart of Las Vegas. Bardot Brasserie stands out as a destination for those seeking both the classic and the contemporary in French dining.

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9. Marche Bacchus

Marché Bacchus

Marché Bacchus, situated away from the busy Las Vegas Strip, provides a tranquil dining experience with its idyllic lakeside setting. This restaurant is celebrated for its authentic French cuisine and an impressive selection of wines. The menu at Marché Bacchus features a range of classic French dishes, beautifully prepared to highlight the rich flavors and culinary traditions of France. The extensive wine list complements the dining experience, offering guests a perfect pairing for their meal.

The unique aspect of Marché Bacchus is its peaceful lakeside location, offering a serene and picturesque atmosphere. This setting is especially perfect for a leisurely lunch or a romantic dinner, where guests can enjoy their meal in a calm and scenic environment. The outdoor seating area, with views of the water, provides a refreshing contrast to the typical Las Vegas backdrop. Marché Bacchus stands as a charming retreat, combining exquisite French gastronomy, a vast wine selection, and a beautiful lakeside view, making it an essential destination for those seeking a tranquil yet sophisticated dining experience in Las Vegas.

For those seeking an intimate dining experience, Ohlala French Bistro in the suburbs offers a cozy and authentic French atmosphere. Its menu is a blend of classic and modern French dishes.

11. Burgundy French Bakery Cafe Bistro

Photo by Chonthicha Phothirat

Burgundy French Bakery Cafe Bistro in Las Vegas offers a charming and authentic French dining experience. This quaint café is known for bringing a slice of French culinary tradition to the city, celebrated for its delicious bakery items, and its cozy bistro-style dining.

At Burgundy French Bakery Cafe Bistro, patrons can enjoy an array of classic French pastries and desserts, each crafted with skill and care, often featuring rich flavors and delicate textures that are typical of French patisserie. The café’s commitment to quality is evident in every bite, whether it’s a flaky croissant, a creamy éclair, or a decadent chocolate tart.

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The bistro side of Burgundy offers a more extensive dining experience with a menu that includes a variety of traditional French dishes. From hearty quiches to savory crepes, each dish is prepared with a focus on authenticity, ensuring that guests enjoy a genuine taste of France.

The atmosphere at Burgundy French Bakery Cafe Bistro is warm and inviting, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely breakfast, a relaxed lunch, or a sweet afternoon treat. Its casual yet charming setting makes it a favored destination for those seeking a touch of France in Las Vegas, whether for a quick pastry to go or a sit-down meal in a comfortable, inviting ambiance.

12. Rivea at the Top of Delano

Photo by: Rivera Restaurant & Bar

Rivea, perched atop the Delano in Las Vegas, offers a unique dining experience that combines breathtaking views with a fusion of French and Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant, with its elevated location, provides diners with stunning panoramas of the Las Vegas skyline, enhancing the overall dining atmosphere.

The culinary essence of Rivea is its innovative menu inspired by the food markets of Provence and Italy. This blend of French and Mediterranean influences results in a diverse range of flavors and dishes, each carefully crafted to showcase the freshness and vibrancy of the ingredients. The menu at Rivea is a testament to the creative culinary approach, offering guests a taste of the coastal cuisines in a sophisticated and elegant setting.

The ambiance at Rivea is both chic and inviting, with a décor that complements its lofty position. The restaurant’s design and atmosphere are geared towards creating an unforgettable dining experience that marries the charm of the Mediterranean with the luxury of Las Vegas.

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Rivea stands out not only for its spectacular location and views but also for its culinary excellence, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a dining experience that offers both visual and gastronomic delights in a stylish and upscale environment.

13. Eiffel Tower Restaurant

Photo by: Christopher Dabek 

Located in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel, the Eiffel Tower Restaurant is renowned for offering one of the most romantic dining experiences in Las Vegas. This exquisite restaurant is uniquely positioned to provide diners with a stunning view of the Las Vegas Strip, creating an enchanting and memorable ambiance.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is celebrated for its classic French cuisine, which is as exquisite as the setting itself. The menu features a range of traditional French dishes, each prepared with finesse and a deep respect for culinary traditions. The combination of fine dining with the breathtaking views from the restaurant makes every meal here a special occasion.

The ambiance of the restaurant adds to its allure, with an elegant and sophisticated décor that complements the panoramic vistas of the city. Dining at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, especially in the evening when the city lights are aglow, is a truly romantic experience, making it an ideal choice for anniversaries, proposals, or any occasion that calls for a touch of elegance and romance.

Visiting the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel is not just about enjoying a meal; it’s about indulging in a culinary and visual experience that captures the essence of Parisian charm in the heart of Las Vegas.


Las Vegas’ French dining scene is as diverse as it is exquisite, offering everything from Michelin-starred fine dining to cozy bistro experiences. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, exploring these culinary gems will certainly add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your Las Vegas experience. Bon appétit!

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This comprehensive list provides a snapshot of the varied and rich French culinary landscape available in Las Vegas. Each establishment brings its unique flavor and ambiance, ensuring that every palate and preference is catered to. Whether you seek a grandiose dining experience or a quaint bistro vibe, Las Vegas’ French restaurants are sure to impress.

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