Enjoy this real estate market report for the Las Vegas-Henderson-North Las
Vegas, and Clark County, NV area. 

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Average Price Range for Homes in Las Vegas

The median (average minus the highest and lowest sales) sales price for single-family homes in the Las Vegas area is $300,000 at the end of March 2019. In March of 2018, the median sales price was $275,950 which reflects an 11.5% increase year over year.

MonthSale Price, Median
May 2018$289,900
Jun 2018$289,900
Jul 2018$288,000
Aug 2018$292,475
Sep 2018$300,000
Oct 2018$295,000
Nov 2018$295,000
Dec 2018$290,000
Jan 2019$300,472
Feb 2019$293,000
Mar 2019$300,000

The Average Sales price for a Condo in Las Vegas in March was $145,143.

Month of the YearSale Price, Average
January 2018$301,517
February 2018$305,570
March 2018$310,232
April 2018$314,344
May 2018$317,955
June 2018$322,363
July 2018$325,056
August 2018$330,336
September 2018$349,843
October 2018$355,945
November 2018$341,524
December 2018$345,009

Las Vegas Housing Market Predictions 2019

In higher demand areas of the Valley, we expect to still encounter multiple offers where the majority of home sales now will be more “available” to buyers. 2019 will continue to be a great market for both buyers and sellers.

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Existing Home Sales

A total of 1,691 homes were sold during March 2019 and a total of 299 townhomes/condo were sold during the same month.

Property Subtype Sales, Number of
Single-Family Residential1,691

Average Time on Market for Las Vegas Listings

Average time on the market for homes and townhouses/condo is 47 days for 2019. A single family home is selling at an average of 49 days in 2019 with first quarter seeing little change.

Time on market: 30 days or less (single family homes)

TIme on market: 30 days or less (condos/tonwhouses)

Active Number of Listings in Las Vegas for the past 5 years.

The total number of active listings in March were 6,366, up from 3,929 in March of 2018, and higher than the 5,586 during March of 2017 when we saw distressed property listings. This influx of listings is creating more housing inventory.


Average List to Close Price

The average list (original price) to close price for single-family homes is 97.7% and condos at 96.7%.

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Real Estate Statistics

Nationally the median single-family home listing price was 249,400 and the average income for a household was $77,902.

The national average for homes on the market was 87 days only two days faster than this time last year.

National inventory grew 6 percent year over year while inventory in large markets increased only 12%. According to Realtor.com data.

The Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV area had a median list average of $314,994 an increase of 8% from the previous year.

Inventory overall is up 8% in the Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV real estate market

Las Vegas lead the country in price reductions from January 2018; price reductions were up 18% in the Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise, NV real estate market. *source Realtor.com

Realtors Sellers Traffic Index - December 2018
January 2018February 2018March 2018
April 2018May 2018June 2018
July 2018August 2018September 2018
October 2018November 2018December 2018

Clark County Average Price Range

Clark County, Nevada maintains a steady rise on average home prices with a sales price for March 2019 of $302,000.

  • Mar 2014: $195,000
  • March 2015: $205,900
  • March 2016: $220,000
  • March 2017: $244,861
  • March 2018: $280,000
Month of the YearSale Price, Median
January 2018$311,762
February 2018$341,729
March 2018$335,782
April 2018$336,882
May 2018$344,536
June 2018$342,749
July 2018$339,495
August 2018$353,467
September 2018$345,229
October 2018$355,711
November 2018$339,990
December 2018$368,125

North Las Vegas Housing Market

North Las Vegas homes ended March 2019 with a median single-family home price of $260,000 and median days on the market is at 46 days.

North Las Vegas Single-Family home prices Year over Year since 2014


There are approximately 983, and sellers have a median sale to list ratio of 95.56%

Number of North Las Vegas Listings for March of the past 5 years:

Month of the YearSale Price, Median
January 2018$246,823
February 2018$243,877
March 2018$252,689
April 2018$260,235
May 2018$266,267
June 2018$267,142
July 2018$261,713
August 2018$277,418
September 2018$271,162
October 2018$276,548
November 2018$265,133
December 2018$257,667

Henderson Market Values

Henderson, Nevada saw median list price decrease to $339,900 from January 2018, median number of days on the market is up slightly to 29 days.

There are approximately 1,956 listings available and the sale to list price ratio is 96.11%

Month of the YearSale Price, Median
January 2018$380,252
February 2018$398,897
March 2018$384,101
April 2018$399,654
May 2018$401,808
June 2018$386,896
July 2018$393,987
September 2018$405,524
September 2018$383,659
October 2018$411,795
November 2018$324,167
December 2018$348,631

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Year-to-Year Comparison of Months Supply of Inventory

Effective Months of Availability

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Las Vegas Real Estate Market Report - This Month 2019
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