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Top Design Trends for Fall

Darker colors are trendy in the colder seasons of fall and winter. Incorporate jewel shades into your living rooms, more so the upholstery.
Wallpapers with organic florals and geometric patterns are trending in fall. Try out textile artworks such as tapestries too!

The Eiffel Tower Experience at Paris Las Vegas

Have you ever been to Paris? If not, then Eiffel tower experience will take you on a live “France in Vegas” experience, without traveling all the way. It is one of the most recommended places for anyone vacationing the city. Get immersed in the frenzy of the towering views of the Strip along with the Parisian iconic locations at the viewing deck in Las Vegas.

Real Bodies at Bally’s

Are you a lover of museums, culture, and history, then the Real Bodies at Bally’s is the place for you? Here you get to enjoy the real human bodies that are kept in dramatic yet exciting environments. The museum entails an original but authentic exhibition on human anatomy, where you get to learn all about your history and feel like you are experiencing it in real-time.

Nevada Hardest Hit Fund

The Nevada Hardest Hit Fund is a centralized funded program which provides the relevant assistance to homeowners of Nevada who are financially struggling in their bid to repay their mortgage.

Best Haunted Houses in Las Vegas

More Halloween Events in Las Vegas It’s that creepy time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to walk around with a zombie when you’re out having fun, and what’s more fun than getting a scare at one of the amazing haunted houses in Las Vegas? We’re ready for all the spooky thrills that are waiting … Continued