Frequently Asked Questions about Las Vegas

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There are many frequently asked questions about Las Vegas each day. These article answers many of them. Have a question? Contact us!

Where is the best place to live in Las Vegas?

“Best” is whatever are meets the criteria you and your family are looking for. While one person may feel that living downtown is the “best” place to be, another may define the best neighborhood as one that does not have a home owners association. And yet another may define “best” as a neighborhood with the top schools, or lowest crime rate.

Nobody can answer this question for you. As a Las Vegas Real Estate Agent team, our suggestion is always to start with what you are qualified to buy and what size and features are mandatory as well as desired. The neighborhoods and zip codes that match your qualifications will appear and you can begin your research to define which Las Vegas neighborhood is right for you. You might also consider nearby North Las Vegas or Henderson in your home search.

What is the zip code for Southern Highlands in Las Vegas Nevada?

Southern Highlands is a Master Planned Community in the Southwest Area of the Las Vegas Valley. The zip code for Southern Highlands is 89141.

What terminal is southwest at Las Vegas?

Terminal 1 Airlines

  • Allegiant
  • American
  • Delta
  • Omni
  • Southwest
  • Spirit Airlines

How Much is a House in Las Vegas

Cartoon house being pulled up in the air by dollar bills with wings

As of end of 2nd quarter 2017, the median sales price of a house in Las Vegas is $250,000


How far is Reno From Las Vegas?

City of Reno showing with sign that reads RENO, The Biggest Little City in the World

Reno is about a 7 hour drive from Las Vegas, just under 450 Miles. By Air, Reno is about a one hour flight from Las Vegas. Be prepared, Reno is a lot colder temperatures than what you will find in Las Vegas! If you are looking to buy or sell a house in Reno, please contact us. We have partners there.

View the Map and Travel distances from Vegas to Reno

What is the Sales Tax in Las Vegas?

3 Blocks with each letter, T - A - X to spell out Tax with coins on top

Las Vegas sales tax is 8.25%.

How do I Sell a House in Las Vegas?

Man in a suit holds up finger, traces a white house that reads SOLD in the middle

  1. Prepare the Home
  2. Price it Right
  3. Show it
  4. Negotiate Offers or
  5. Improve price
  6. Accept an offer
  7. Open Escrow
  8. Negotiate Inspections
  9. Provide HOA Docs
  10. Close
  11. Receive Net Proceeds.

It’s important to know the market. It is currently a SELLER’S MARKET and homes in the median price ranges are seeing multiple offers and selling in days. While the average single family home in Las Vegas is selling for around $250,000, there are variances everywhere. You can update yourself on the real estate market with our monthly report or request a home valuation for your property here. You can sell a house by owner or with a Realtor®. The choice is always yours.

What was the First Hotel in Las Vegas?

El Rancho opened on 4/3/1941 and offered 63 hotel rooms. A fire destroyed it in 1960.

What are the Zip Codes in Las Vegas?

Man has his finger pointing to a computer search with the words Zip Codes in the search bar

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East Las Vegas Zip Codes:
89011, 89030, 89011, 89122, 89110, 89115, 89122, 89142, 89156
South Las Vegas Zip Codes:
89104, 89109, 89120, 89121, 89123, 89052, 89119, 89169, 89183
Northwest Las Vegas Zip Codes:
89107, 89108,89128, 89129, 89131, 89134, 89138, 89144, 89145, 89149, 89166
Southwest Las Vegas Zip Codes:
89102, 89103, 89113, 89117, 89118, 89139, 89141, 89146, 89147, 89148, 89178, 89179

Shop Las Vegas Homes by Zip Code

Homes for Sale 89101 Homes for Sale 89120 Homes for Sale 89143
Homes for Sale 89102 Homes for Sale 89121 Homes for Sale 89144
Homes For Sale 89103 Homes for Sale 89122 Homes for Sale 89145
Homes for Sale 89104 Homes for Sale 89123 Homes for Sale 89146
Homes for Sale 89105 Homes for Sale 89124 Homes for Sale 89147
Homes for Sale 89106 Homes for Sale 89128 Homes for Sale 89148
Homes for Sale 89107 Homes for Sale 89129 Homes for Sale 89149
Homes for Sale 89108 Homes for Sale 89130 Homes for Sale 89156
Homes for Sale 89109 Homes for Sale 89131 Homes for Sale 89158
Homes for Sale 89110 Homes for Sale 89134 Homes for Sale 89178
Homes for Sale 89113 Homes for Sale 89135 Homes for Sale 89179
Homes for Sale 89115 Homes for Sale 89138 Homes for Sale 89183
Homes for Sale 89117 Homes for Sale 89139 All Las Vegas Zip Codes
Homes for Sale 89118 Homes for Sale 89141 Las Vegas Real Estate Market Report
Homes for Sale 89119 Homes for Sale 89142 Las Vegas Home Values
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How do you get Married in Las Vegas?

Wedding Party standing inside of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign

  1. Get your Marriage license
  2. Choose a Chapel, Church, Hall or Home
  3. Select an officiant
  4. Say I Do!

OK, we know that getting married in Las Vegas can’t be that simple right?

Here’s More on Getting Married in Las Vegas

When do Schools in Las Vegas start this year?

Back to School, Middle school or elementary school kids are running into school with back packs

The Clark County School District first day of school August 14th, which is a couple of weeks earlier than it has been in the past. This was decided to permit students to finish testing before the winter break. The last day of school is May 22, 2018.

Where is the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Hotel?

Inside of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas

3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Can I have horses in Las Vegas?

Horses Grazing

You can keep horses at your residence in Las Vegas as long as that community is zoned for horses. You will find homes with horse property featuers such as stalls, and others that are simply zoned for horses yet don’t have any of the additions. Many people moving to Las Vegas search for an equestrian property as they actually want a ranch style home that has more land and understand that many of our horse zoned properties meet those needs.

Which Las Vegas Hotel Has the Best Pool

The Best Hotel Pool is different depending on who you ask! If you are looking for a Beach Club, you mightlike Aria’s Year Round Liquid Lounge. If you are looking for something with a water slide for the kids, you’ll love The Golden Nugget’s slide right through a SHARK aquarium. Here’s a list of Las Vegas hotel pools so you can choose the features right for you.

Where is Downtown Summerlin?

Downtown Summerlin, Summerlin’s Mall, is located at 1980 Festival Plaza Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Where in Las Vegas is the New Raiders Stadium?

Football Jersey and Football depicting the Raiders Football Team

Las Vegas Stadium what they are calling the planned domed stadium planned to house the Las Vegas Raiders Football Team. The stadium is to be built on around 62 acres at Russell Rd. & Hacienda Ave – between Polaris Ave. and Dean Martin Dr. on the west side of the 15 freeway.

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If the $1.9 million dollar stadium is finally completed by the year 2020, then business could begin booming and both unemployment and homeless rates could hit an all-time low not seen since the advent of the Great Recession of the early millennium. It is expected that the new arena will host anywhere between 30-62 events within a year, most of which are predicted to be major concerts, sports games, and motor sport events, to name only a few.

Demand for public transportation is predicted to be on the rise as tourists and residents alike see a need for more options to get to each game. Due to the nature of supply and demand, job growth is expected to rise and help create more opportunities within the public transportation industry, thus leading to an increase in bus and taxi driving positions becoming open. This, in turn, can serve as a true economic boost for Las Vegas as people will flock to the city to apply for work in these industries. The city’s revenue could increase through taxation, which would result in more jobs and programs in the government sector.

Learn More about The Raiders Coming to Las Vegas

Where is the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign?

The 25 foot tall Welcome to Las Vegas sign is at 5200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119. It’s in the median and is a marker for where the Las Vegas strip begins. in the median at 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South. The sign marks the classic start to the famous Las Vegas Strip. There is a small area there for parking. Be prepared to wait in line during busy travel times and weekends.

Where is Lake Mead?

39 min (31.7 mi) via I-515 S and US-93 S

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