The cooler weather of Fall gives us a chance to enjoy being outside and spending time with family and friends. Las Vegas is a city that is alive with so many things to do. From autumn flower sales to the most intense haunted houses in Las Vegas for Halloween, Lori Ballen Team has put together some creative, fun, and thrilling things to do in Las Vegas during the Fall season.

One of the staples of any Fall celebration or decoration is the npumpkin. We love to carve them up for Halloween fun. They make a colorful addition to table spreads, and they add a bit of festive flair to our porches. Of course, we can’t forget about the addition to our favorite pumpkin recipes. Knowing how to choose the right pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch is just as important as knowing where to find a Las Vegas pumpkin patch.

The kind of pumpkin you’ll need depends greatly upon the purpose of the pumpkin. Choosing a carving pumpkin as one meant to add a delicious flavor to your mom’s classic pie may prove to be a disappointment. Choosing a baking pumpkin for a fun night of carving may turn out to be just as bad of an experience. Knowing which pumpkin to choose will help you make an informed decision.

Decorating with pumpkins for the Fall season is popular. Pumpkins are the perfect decorative accent because they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes. Whether you choose to use them at home or in a business display, you can’t go wrong with adding a few pumpkins. If you’re looking for a pumpkin with a bright orange color, you can choose a Cinderella, Sunshine, or Turban pumpkin. If you’re looking for a more traditional orange color for your pumpkin, you can choose an Orange Magic or Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin. Looking to add something a bit different? Choose a white pumpkin such as Cotton Candy, Full Moon, or Baby Boo.

This is the season for pumpkin pies, pumpkin breads, spiced muffins, pumpkin soups, and pumpkin cookies. For your favorite recipes, you can choose a Cinderella or Sugar Pie pumpkin. The flesh is sweeter and finer than a carving pumpkin, and the skin is not as thick. The flesh of these pumpkins is dryer than other choices, which makes for better uses in autumn recipes.

One of the most beloved traditions of autumn or Halloween is the carving of the pumpkin. This is a wonderful tradition to do each year with your family or friends. Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins and best for carving because of their thicker skin. They hold up well during the carving process. Hollowing out the insides creates a perfect place for a candle. This type of pumpkin was created for carving.

You’ll want to make sure you choose the right Jack-O-Lantern for your carving. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

  • Make sure that the pumpkin sits well on a flat service. The last thing you want is for your freshly carved pumpkin to roll over once you place it down for decoration.
  • Choose a pumpkin that is firm and has some weight.
  • Do a thorough check for bad spots, mold, open spaces, and other imperfections that could indicate damage and make for a bad carving surface.
  • Check the stem to make sure it’s attached and sturdy.
  • Check to make sure the color of the pumpkin is consistent.
  • Make sure the pumpkin you choose is the right size for the person who will be doing the carving. A small child is not going to do well with a huge pumpkin. Choose one that is easily managed and makes sense for the person.
  • It’s a good idea to choose a back-up pumpkin or two, just in case you make a mistake or something goes wrong with your first pumpkin.

You have some basic knowledge about pumpkin uses and types, and you have some helpful tips to get you started on choosing one that is perfect for your needs. Now, it’s time to find a Las Vegas pumpkin patch where you can purchase your pumpkins!

Pumpkin Patch Las Vegas

Stu Miller’s Pumpkins is managed by Seasonal Adventures, Inc. and has several locations in Las Vegas and Henderson. Visiting a Stu Miller pumpkin patch is a fun adventure for the entire family. They are known for providing activities for children and some of the best pumpkins in Las Vegas. Past activities have included a petting zoo, jump houses, giant slides, inflatable activities, and mechanical rides. Generally, the pumpkin patches open October 1

The Gilcrease Orchard is located at 7800 N. Tenaya Way in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89131 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-409-0655. The orchard provides pick-n-pay opportunities throughout the year. They are open Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturdays from 7 AM – Noon.

The Farm is located at 7222 West Grand Teton Drive in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89131 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-982-8000. They are open year-round from 9 AM – Dark on Saturday and Sunday. They are open most days during the month of October. They charge a small fee of $5 for adults and $3 for children old enough to walk. This fee helps them take care of all the animals on the farm.

McKee Ranch is located at 8982 Dean Martin Drive in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89139 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-361-9606. This ranch is open year-round, but it has a special event each autumn.

Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas for Halloween

With autumn just around the corner, thoughts of haunted houses in Las Vegas and other fun things to do in Las Vegas for Halloween are beginning to form. This is the season for spooky thrills and scary adventures. Halloween is not just a one day event anymore, it’s a seasonal experience. Here are some of the incredible adventures that await you this year…. if you dare.

Haunted Houses in Las Vegas and Haunted Attraction Locations in Las Vegas

Project X is located at 1848 N. Las Vegas Blvd., N. Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89030 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-550-8924.

General admission is $15. A fast pass is $20. Military members get in for $14 with an ID. To see the XXX part of things after 11 PM will cost you $25, and you must be over 18 years old. Those who are 21+ and attend the XXX part will receive an adult beverage.

The Trilogy of Terror is brought to you by Freakling Bros. They are located at 4245 S. Grand Canyon Drive in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89147 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-362-FEAR.

Admission to The Coven of 13 and Castle Vampyre is $14. Admission to Gates of Hell is $15. Access to all shows is $35. A fast pass t-shirt is $10. They are open during the month of October on Friday – Saturday (beginning October 9th) from 7 PM – Midnight and from 7 PM – 11 PM Sunday .

Asylum and Hotel Fear are located at Meadows Mall in the northeast parking lot in the special events area across from JCPenney’s. They are located at 4300 Meadows Lane in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89107 zip code area.

Admission to the Asylum is $15. A VIP ticket can be purchased for $20. Hotel Fear admission is $15 with a VIP ticket for $20. Admission to both haunted houses is $25. A VIP ticket to both haunted houses is $35.

Bonnie Screams is a must visit location for Halloween screams! Bonnie Screams is located at 16395 Bonnie Springs Rd. in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89124 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-875-4191.

General admission is $25.  

Autumn Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

Autumn is a wonderful time to do things with friends and family. It’s also the perfect time to plan special events for kids. After the hot days of summer, these are welcome days with cooler temperatures. There is no shortage of fun things to do in Las Vegas with kids this autumn.

Springs Preserve is hosting several fun events with kids in mind. Springs Preserve is located at 333 S. Valley Blvd. in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89107 zip code area.

Haunted Harvest is in October. Admission is $6. Children age 2 and up get in for free. If you are a member of the Springs Preserve you receive a discount of 50%. Tickets can be purchased online at the official website for Springs Preserve, but they do add a $1 fee.

This event is suitable for all ages. There is a haunted hay maze, trick or treat stations, a petting zoo, carnival games, family bingo, crafts, and live entertainment by Chimps on a Blimp. This is just a sample bit of all the fun to be had at the annual event. Sunny 106.5 will be on hand in October for a Safe Street trick-or-treating activity. Costumes may be worn, but adults are not allowed to wear masks.

Night at the Museum: Hotel Transylvania is taking place in October. The event takes place in the Origen Museum. Admission is $25 per child, ages 5 – 12. Members of Springs Preserve receive a $5 discount. Reservations are required.

Parents can drop their kids off and enjoy a night out on the town. This safe night of entertainment includes watching the PG movie, Hotel Transylvania. There will be kid-friendly activities and pizza will be served to all who attend.

Fun Halloween Costumes for Kids

Part of the fun of this autumn holiday is getting to dress up and pretend to be something magical or out of the ordinary. Let your imagination and creativity free with these ideas for fun Halloween costumes for kids.

Halloween Costume Ideas – Costumes Las Vegas

Garden Fairy: You can go the traditional route by choosing a cute dress, or jazz things up by letting your little fairy dress in jeans and tennis shoes. Who says a garden fairy can’t be modern? Add a simple ring of flowers on their head and a small pair of wings on their back to create an adorable garden fairy that is sure to charm everyone they meet.

Artistic Flair: Bring out the little artist in your child by letting them wear a beret and paint splattered smock. Let them carry a paint palette with a decorated paint brush.

Superhero: You can’t go wrong with the old favorite superhero costume. Make things more interesting by letting your child choose their super power to center their costume around. If their super power is speed, add little wings to their shoes and wristbands. Or, focus on cape decoration and really jazz things up with colors and images.

History Lesson: If you’re feeling extremely creative and want to make an impression, look to history for your child’s costume idea. Bring glam back by dressing your daughter in a cute black dress and a vintage hair-do. Don’t forget to add the bling! Look to your favorite old movies or moments in history for inspiration.

Costume Store Las Vegas

Star Costume & Theatrical Supply is located at 3230 S. Valley View Blvd. #120 in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89102 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-731-5014. They offer costume rental and sales.

Halloween Mart is located at 6230 S. Decatur Blvd. Ste 101 in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89118 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-740-4224. They offer costumes for children, teens, adults, and pets.

Black Cat Costumes is located at 2350 S. Rainbow Blvd. in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89146. They can be reached by phone at 702-855-0666. They offer costumes for people of all ages.

Autumn and Halloween Decorations

The warm colors of the autumn season are inviting and bring a sense of calm to homes. There are easy ways to bring those colors in with creative decorating ideas.

You can’t go wrong with making the outside of your home more appealing during this season. Adding a few small pumpkins to steps is one way to add color that is inexpensive. With the variety of sizes and colors available, you don’t have to settle for the ordinary orange pumpkin. Pumpkins don’t have to be carved with a spooky theme. Carve leaves or hearts in them for a different theme idea.


Flowers and plants are a welcome addition to any home. Springs Preserve is hosting an Autumn Plant Sale that will make decorating a breeze.  Members of Springs Preserve can get a special preview from 7 AM – 8 AM. Garden experts will be on hand to answer questions. Guests are encouraged to being a wagon or cart for a relaxed shopping experience. Springs Preserve is located at 335 S. Valley View Blvd.

Add a festive wreath to your door or a decorative raven on top of your mailbox. Inside your home, fill glass jars with yellow, orange, black, or white candies for an easy autumn look. Use a black photo frame and some yarn to create a spider web box. Add small spiders to the webs before hanging the frame on the wall. Purchase large letters from the craft store and paint them to create word art. For example: BOO can be easily created with letters and black paint for a cute display.

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