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Las Vegas motor speedway sits on a 1200 acre of land, 15 miles northeast of the famous Las Vegas Strip. Millions of people throng there to indulge themselves in gambling and recreational activities such as the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. We’ve compiled a list of homes for sale near the Las Vegas Speedway for you here. 

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Las Vegas motor speedway sits on a 1200 acre of land, 15 miles northeast of the famous Las Vegas Strip. The set up includes a multitude of racetracks for motor racing.

Notably, over the years the latter city is famous for busty nightlife. Millions of people throng there to indulge themselves in gambling and other pleasures.

However, besides these activities, you can engage in recreational activities by visiting Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


In 1970, the popular Stardust International Raceway closed down. Stakeholders in the motor racing sector laid plans to reconstruct a new track in Las Vegas. In the same year, they started the construction of Las Vegas Speedrome, which consisted of the drag strip and course road.

The arena opened in 1972 and the facility was leased to the city of Las Vegas. In 1989, Ralph Engelstad purchased the track. Alongside Bennett, they upgraded the track to a $72 million superspeedway in 1996.

The first race to be held in this set up occurred on 15 September the same year and Richie Hearn won it using INDYCAR. In 1997, NASCAR truck series took place on the track. In December 1998, the latter duo sold the speedway to Speedway Motorsport Incorporation. Chris Powell was named the president of the Incorporation.

The first million-dollar event was held on the track between 1999 and 2000. Jeff Burton won the prestigious price in 2000 and Jeff Gordon received the bonus in 2001. In 2002, the management relocated the truck to where it now stands. Initially, the course covered eight-thirds of a mile. In the new location, they upgraded it to 2.4 miles and this is the current length.

In 2006, the management revealed the plans to reconfigure the course of the track after hosting the Nextel Cup Series that had completed in March in that year. According to the engineers involved, they increased the banking angles of the corners from 12 to 20 degrees.

They also integrated a fan zone known as the Neon Garage. Notably, this region provides exclusive access to drivers, live entertainment, and viewing spaces. Additionally, the upgrade involved moving the pit road 84 meters close to the stands. The designers integrated a media center constructed a ¼ mile oval for legend cars.

In the same year—August to be precise, the newly upgraded track was opened to stock cars. Interestingly, Kurt Busch became the first individual to test it in the NASCAR cup series. The first person to win a nationwide series on this speedway was Burton using a Monte Carlo SS. The next day after the event, Jimmy Johnson using a Chevrolet to secure NASCAR cup series on the new truck.

March 2011, one of the largest race event organizer Insomniac Events made an announcement that would host the largest festival in the US known as Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the first time from June 24 to 26. Two hundred and thirty-five thousand spectators attended the much-anticipated event. In the following year, 315000 people attended.

Each year, from then the event continued to grow in popularity. In 2016, Electric Daisy Carnival celebrated their 20th anniversary on the same speedway. Importantly, in 2012 due to rise in popularity the management contracted Romain Thievin to add a third course—1.4 mile with 11 turns.

This year, the management has planned a series of event. The first activity will be a weekend long event the New Hampshire Motor Speedway’s Cup Series and Truck series. Additionally, in the same week, there will be triple headers namely, cup, truck series and Xfinity. In October, there will be Kentucky Speedway event, Chicagoland Speedways, and Stand-alone Xfinity events. Notably, these activities will start with the playoffs.

Speedway Activities

Ride Along

This is an event for people who do not want to drive. The event involves going for a ride in real NASCAR being driven by a real profession. If you do not like the latter model, you can choose two-seat Indy-style Race Car for breathtaking three laps at high speed. Notably, the instructors are highly trained so there is nothing to worry about. Therefore, if you are in Vegas try the Ride Along for an experience of a lifetime.

Double Ride

This is a new event. It involves riding in the passenger seat of a real NASCAR. Alternatively, you can seat on the rear of an Indy-style Race Car for double laps at a breakneck speed. The six-lap event will satisfy your need for speed while keeping your adrenaline rushing. Additionally, you can go in front of a lap line.


In this scenario you get a simulation of racing and you get to drive the speed cars. The events take five minutes and you choose between a NASCAR and an Indy-style Race Car. The events save you a lot of money that you could otherwise squander in the casino. Additionally, this is one of the most exciting events on the speedway.


It is the most popular event because it gives one adequate driving experience. In this case, you drive a NASCAR or Indy-style Racing Car for eight minutes by yourself. Additionally, the more you pay the more minutes you get in the rookie event. In the latter scenario, every minute count and you get to taste a life of speed on tracks.

Kings Experience

In this event you get double the drive. Importantly, you drive NASCAR or Indy-style Racing Car for sixteen minutes. The session is divided into two phases with a break after eight minutes.

Checked Flag

Here you get to drive NASCAR or Indy-style Racing Car in three phases of eight minutes. Every session poses a new challenge as you try to beat the record of the previous lap. This experience is fabulous and unforgettable.

Victory Lane

this is a very exciting event. You drive yourself in NASCAR or Indy-style Racing Car in five phases of eight minutes. The events give you 40 minutes of pure joy.

World Champion

This is the final and the best event. You drive NASCAR or Indy-style Racing Car for six phases of eight minutes each. Here you can work on achieving your best speed.

Therefore, if you want an experience of a lifetime in the sporting world, you can book either of the above events.

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