With autumn just around the corner, thoughts of haunted houses in Las Vegas and other fun things to do in Las Vegas for Halloween are beginning to form. This is the season for spooky thrills and scary adventures. Halloween is not just a one day event anymore, it’s a seasonal experience. Here are some of the incredible adventures that await you this year…. if you dare.

Project X is located at 1848 N. Las Vegas Blvd., N. Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89030 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-550-8924.

General admission is around $15. A fast pass is around $20. Military members get in for around $14 with an ID. To see the XXX part of things after 11 PM will cost you around $25, and you must be over 18 years old. Those who are 21+ and attend the XXX part will receive an adult beverage.

The Theme: Visit a secret government location that is run by the Global DNS Institute. To the casual onlooker, the facilities are normal and house valuable research being conducted by top scientists. Things are not always as they seem. An employee with an axe to grind is showing people the real side of things within the facilities. From experiments gone wrong to dangerous patients who’ve slipped from their rooms, visitors will be faced with trying to escape with their lives… and their sanity.


Project X is open in October on Thursday – Sunday from dusk until Midnight or 2 AM, depending on the day of the week. The tours begin when darkness falls and turn to an XXX zone at 11 PM. Costumes, pets, and outside food items are not allowed. Children are welcome, but parents are encouraged to consider the maturity and scare-level of their children. Parents are encouraged not to bring very small children or babies.

General admission is $15. A fast pass is $20. Military members get in for $14 with an ID. To see the XXX part of things after 11 PM will cost you $25, and you must be over 18 years old. Those who are 21+ and attend the XXX part will receive an adult beverage.

Project X’s Website

The Trilogy of Terror is brought to you by Freakling Bros. They are located at 4245 S. Grand Canyon Drive in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89147 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-362-FEAR.

Admission to The Coven of 13 and Castle Vampyre is $14. Admission to Gates of Hell is $15. Access to all shows is $35. A fast pass t-shirt is $10. They are open during the month of October on Friday – Saturday (beginning October 9th) from 7 PM – Midnight and from 7 PM – 11 PM Sunday – Thursday, beginning October 11th.

The Coven of 13: This is an immersion experience you won’t soon forget. You are invited to join the coven of dark witches to make their coven complete. Can you make it through the initiation to be reborn as one of the 13?

Gates of Hell: The one and only R-Rated haunted attraction in Las Vegas, take a look at the dark side of terror, violent death, and facing the Prince of Darkness as you enter through The Gates of Hell. This is an interactive horror attraction… the next level of terror. Not for the faint of heart.

Castle Vampyre: A delightful blend of illusion and horror, this haunted attraction is waiting to give you nightmares. Venture deep within the castle to find the true meaning of evil. But, once you find it, will you be able to escape?

Freakling Bros Website

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Asylum and Hotel Fear are located at Meadows Mall in the northeast parking lot in the special events area across from JCPenney’s. They are located at 4300 Meadows Lane in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89107 zip code area.

The haunted houses are open in October (beginning the 2nd) from 6:30 PM – Midnight on Friday and Saturday. They are open from 6:30 PM – 10 PM on Sunday and Thursday. They are open on the 28th from 6:30 PM – 10 PM and the 29th – 31st from 6:30 PM – Midnight.

Admission to the Asylum is $15. A VIP ticket can be purchased for $20. Hotel Fear admission is $15 with a VIP ticket for $20. Admission to both haunted houses is $25. A VIP ticket to both haunted houses is $35.

The Mission: These haunted houses transform you to another time and place, an altered reality that is meant to terrorize you and leave you shaking in your shoes. The Asylum is a sanitarium with some odd patients. Can you make it through without becoming a patient yourself? Hotel Fear might not be the best place to lay your head for a peaceful night’s rest. Check in and visit with the other guests. Will you be able to check out?

Asylum and Hotel Fear Website

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Bonnie Screams is a must visit location for Halloween screams! Bonnie Screams is located at 16395 Bonnie Springs Rd. in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89124 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-875-4191.

General admission is around $25. They are open during the month of October from the 8th – 11th and the 15th – 31st from 7 PM – Midnight.

There are haunted trails, haunted houses, a magician’s show, a ghost filled opera house, and a haunted train ride. Guests have reported the appearance of a headless horseman, and we think zombies are on the loose.

Quarantine: What happened to this peaceful town that has people screaming in terror? The zombies seem to outnumber the people. You might have a fair chance at survival if you can evade being ripped apart.

No Hope Hospital: She thought it was the flu, so she made her way to Hope Hospital for help. Unfortunately, what she was dealing with was something unknown and more dangerous than anyone could dream. In a rage caused by fever, she bit the intern who cared for her. Once the blood began to spill, there was no hope left at Hope Hospital for survival.

Infected Circus: Nothing draws a zombie quite like a bright red tent on the property of a very active circus. No one could make it out alive once the tent began to fill with blood crazed zombies. Is there anything scarier than a zombie clown?

Zombie Paintball Bus: Take a ride you won’t soon forget. The zombie bus is loading for a terror filled trip around town. Tickets for this event are $20 and include 100 paintballs. You can purchase extra paintballs for $5. Participants are required to sign a waiver. The Zombie Paintball is only scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

Dixie Dooley performs nightly from October 18th – 31st with his special horror show.

Bonnie Scream’s Website

The Ballen Group hopes you have a happy Halloween that is full of safe and spooky adventures. Keep us in mind for all of your real estate needs. Give us a call at 800-805-8354.

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