It’s that creepy time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to walk around with a zombie when you’re out having fun, and what’s more fun than getting a scare at one of the amazing haunted houses in Las Vegas? We’re ready for all the spooky thrills that are waiting for us in 2018. We’ve compiled a list of must-visit places in and around Las Vegas. We’ve even included some videos in the information below so you can get a look at the scares to come! Fill your nights with delightful screams and scares at some of these haunted houses…. if you dare!

Vegas Fright Nights

If you want to ease your way into the haunting days of Halloween, you can visit Vegas Fright Nights for the first hour of each evening to get a less intense scare. There are two incredible opportunities to scream the night away with a visit to the Nightmare Manor and walk through the Clown Invasion 3D Funhouse.

The spooky fun is hosted by Opportunity Village, inside the Magical Forest, at 6300 West Oakley Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89146 zip code area.

Begin the night with a visit to the Nightmare Manor where you may meet a demonic spirit or two. If you can make it through that experience, join the brave souls who are coming face to face with the scariest clowns you’ll ever meet. Visit their website for more details on dates and times.

The Trilogy of Terror

Freakling Bros. Horror Shows does it again this year! Are we surprised? They’ve been scaring us since 1976, and it doesn’t look like they plan to stop anytime soon. This is an R-Rated interactive horror experience. That means you have to be 17 and older unless you are with a guardian. However, they don’t allow anyone around who is under 13. Keep that in mind while making your Halloween plans.

They are located at 4245 S. Grand Canyon Drive in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89147 zip code area. They can be reached by phone at 702-362-FEAR. They are open from September 28th through October 31st. They open most nights at 7 PM and stay open until the last person is scared properly. They do shut down the ticket booths around 11 PM or 12 AM, depending on the night. Check their website for specific dates and times.

The Coven of 13: This is an immersion experience you won’t soon forget. You are invited to join the coven of dark witches to make their coven complete. Can you make it through the initiation to be reborn as one of the 13?

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Gates of Hell: The one and only R-Rated haunted attraction in Las Vegas, take a look at the dark side of terror, violent death, and facing the Prince of Darkness as you enter through The Gates of Hell. This is an interactive horror attraction… the next level of terror. Not for the faint of heart.

Castle Vampyre: A delightful blend of illusion and horror, this haunted attraction is waiting to give you nightmares. Venture deep within the castle to find the true meaning of evil. But, once you find it, will you be able to escape?

Asylum and Hotel Fear

They’ve been scaring Las Vegas residents and visitors for 20 years. We think they know pretty well what’s going to make us run screaming for an exit. Does that stop us? No! We love the thrill, and we are betting that you will, too. What makes this experience so cool is that the stories are linked. Feeling that romantic Halloween vibe? Why not get married at The Haunt? Sounds like a great idea to us!

They are located at Meadows Mall at 4300 Meadows Lane in Las Vegas, NV. This address is in the 89107 zip code area. They open October 4th through October 31st, Thursday – Sunday. They are open Tuesday and Wednesday on the 30th and 31st. They begin the scares at 6:30 PM but the closing times vary from 10 PM to Midnight. Check their website calendar for more details.

The Mission: These haunted houses transform you to another time and place, an altered reality that is meant to terrorize you and leave you shaking in your shoes. The Asylum is a sanitarium with some odd patients. Can you make it through without becoming a patient yourself? Hotel Fear might not be the best place to lay your head for a peaceful night’s rest. Check-in and visit with the other guests. Will you be able to check out?

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Happy Halloween from Lori Ballen Team

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