10 Best Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

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No matter how much you love your pets. You’re not fond of the pet hair that accumulates on floors and furniture. Without the right vacuum, pulling hair out of rugs and carpeting can be time-consuming, especially if you have to drag your corded vacuum from room to room. Given their size, corded vacuums may not slide under furniture or hard-to-reach corners. That’s where cordless vacuums designed for pet hair removal can help.

A quick online search for the best cordless vacuum for pet hair reveals almost 15 pages of results. You can wade through the pages sorting through the details or read through our list of the best cordless vacuums for pet hair.

What to Look For in a Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

Four factors are central to vacuum performance:

  • Power. A vacuum’s voltage, when fully charged, is a predictor of its suction capabilities.
  • Suction. Air watts (AW) show a vacuum’s suction strength.
  • Battery Life. Length of time, a vacuum operates on a fully charged battery.
  • Charging. Length of time to achieve a fully charged battery.

In addition to the performance criteria, you should look at the price and accessories, as these may be the deciding factors when choosing a cordless vacuum for pet hair removal.


Navigating your way through Shark’s cordless vacuums is more than frustrating. Is the iz363HT model the same as the pet power? What’s the difference between an iz362 and an iz462? Which one is best for picking up pet hair? On carpet or hardwood floors?

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Shark has multiple cordless vacuums that come with specific pet hair removal tools. These ranked models include a multi-tool for pet hair and have a starting price of around $200.00.

Two cordless models — Shark IZ462H Vertex Ultra Lightweight and Shark ICZ362H Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away — do not include the multi-tool and are not included in the review. Vacuums without a multi-tool may work for pet owners with low-shedding pets.

For owners with high-shedding pets, the Shark Multi-Tool for pets has a brush to loosen stuck-on debris. The brush can be removed to allow pet hair to be lifted from the furniture. Its wider profile makes clean-up faster.

The Shark iz682H Vertex Pro is the largest of the three models. It operates at 281 watts, providing the best suction for all floor types. If you only have hardwood floors and low-pile carpet, the iz363’s 181 watts is a less expensive version of the iz682. With two batteries, the iz682H should provide more power and suction than the other models. Although the WandVac operates at 225 watts, its battery life is considerably less than the other models. The iz682 is perfect for homes with multiple pets.

The iz363HT takes about four hours to reach a full charge that can operate between 40 and 60 minutes. The iz682H model requires 3.5 hours per battery for a full charge; however, the dual batteries make it possible to charge one while using the other. Both models have removable batteries rather than docking stations. The iz682 can operate for up to 60 minutes per battery. The WandVac only operates for 20 minutes after a 2.5-hour charge. The iz363 works best on removing pet hair from hardwood floors.

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The WandVac was designed as a lightweight vacuum that cleans up small areas quickly. Whether vacuuming the furniture before friends drop by or making a fast sweep of the kitchen floor, the WandVac is a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious buyers. Weighing just under six pounds, the WandVac is easy to use and store. The WandVac is a perfect solution for pet-owning apartment dwellers or those wanting a convenient spot-cleaning vacuum.

Both the iz363 and iz682 come with Shark’s DuoClean and anti-allergen technology. DuoClean technology uses a double brush roll to pick up debris quickly. One roller has stiff bristles while the other is softer, making it more efficient at picking up hair on the first pass. Shark’s anti-allergen technology uses a HEPA filter within a sealed system, keeping dust and pollen inside the vacuum. The sealed system helps keep pet hair from returning to the environment.

Shark’s Vertex cordless vacuums, such as the iz682, do an excellent job of removing pet hair from multiple surfaces. rtings.com gave the vertex models a 7.3 for pet hair removal. Most reviewers agree that the high-velocity suction of the iz363 cordless vacuum makes it a more cost-effective alternative to the more expensive iz682. rtings.com gave the iz363 a 7.2 rating for pet hair removal.


Samsung offers a full line of Jet stick cordless vacuums; however, the Jet 75 and 90 are the current models offering the latest in Samsung technology. The Jet 75 and 90 are comparable. The Jet 70 is a cost-effective alternative if the current 75 and 90 models are outside your budget.

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The Jet 75 and 90 are equivalent in function. They have the same physical specifications. Each weighs slightly over six pounds with a stick length of 44.8 inches. Both have a suction value of 200 AW and a run time of 60 minutes, depending on the operating mode.

The Jet 90 requires 3.5 hours to fully charge, while the Jet 75 takes only 3 hours. However, the Jet 90 does allow for two batteries to charge at the same time. For pet owners with larger homes, the Jet 90 provides longer runtime, making it possible to remove pet hair from the entire home without having to charge the battery.

The Jet 75 uses a wall-mounted charging station, while the Jet 90 has a self-standing station, making it easier to relocate if needed. The Jet 90 also has a telescoping wand that lengthens the vacuum beyond the extension tool on both the 90 and 75.

They both have a flexible tool that increases the maneuverability of the vacuums and soft brush control for hardwood floors and low pile carpets. The flexible tool makes it easier to pick up pet hair from hard-to-reach places. If pet hair accumulates under furniture, the telescoping wand can pick up pet hair without moving furniture.

Both the Jet 75 and 90 have three operating modes — low, medium, and high. Batteries can last up to one hour on low suction but only ten minutes on high. The Jet vacuums cleaned 100% of the debris on hardwood floors; however, they struggled with finer particles such as cat litter on carpets, regardless of thickness.

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For pet owners with multiple pets, the Jet models may not have the suction power on low to pick up the pet hair. If the vacuums must operate on high, the runtime is only 10 minutes, making vacuuming a time-consuming process as batteries will need to be recharged frequently.

These bagless models include an air filtration system using HEPA filters and a cleaning station that eliminates that “plume” of dust that can escape when emptying the dust bins.

Samsung’s air filtration and cleaning station systems minimize the amount of hair returned to the environment. According to Good Housekeeping, the Jet 90’s two rechargeable batteries make a more practical solution for larger homes. The Jet 90 is also priced slightly higher, making the Jet 75 a perfect solution for a budget-conscious pet owner.


Dyson is the third manufacturer that offers several models capable of removing pet hair from floors and furniture. Like Shark, Dyson vacuums can be difficult to navigate. They have the following vacuum series:

  • The V Series
  • The Cyclone V Series
  • The V Detect Series
  • The Outsize +
  • The Absolute Series

The most current cordless models are the V15 Detect, The Outsize+, and the Outsize Absolute. These three are top-of-the-line models, with the Absolute series only available from Dyson.com. The V15 Detect and the Outsize are the closest you can get to a corded vacuum in a cordless model

The Strategist considers the V15 Detect to be the pinnacle of what a cordless vacuum should be. It uses angled lasers to help detect dust particles and debris on hardwood floors. It has three operating modes — Econo, Boost, and Auto. When on Auto, the vacuum uses Dyson DLS technology to adapt automatically to the floor type. It balances runtime and power to deliver optimum performance.

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It takes 4.5 hours to fully charge its battery for a maximum runtime of 60 minutes per battery.

The V15 picks up pet hair across all floor types as it adjusts automatically to the floor surface. If pet hair builds up in hard-to-reach places, the seven attachments, including extension hoses, can be used to reach crevices in furniture or the floor. For any pet owner wanting a powerful cordless vacuum designed for pet hair removal, the Dyson V15 Detect will not disappoint.

The cordless, bagless vacuum contains features such as a countdown display for battery life and a built-in comb to help separate hair tangles for easy removal. It has a fabric brush for hardwood floors. It converts to a handheld for above floor cleaning and comes with a docking station that can also store attachments.

The vacuum has seven attachments, such as extension hoses and an adaptor to reach under furniture. The vacuum and attachments create a tool that enables pet owners to remove pet hair from all surfaces.

The Outsize model performs on par with the V15. It is about one pound heavier with wider brushes and larger dust bins. It comes with a second battery pack, making it a competitive alternative to a corded vacuum.

Both models are at the top of the price range for cordless vacuums. These highly ranked vacuums come at a price, with some models costing close to $1,000.00. But if you’re looking for a vacuum that will remove mounds of pet hair from multiple surfaces and operate for two hours with a dual battery, Dyson’s V series model is the logical choice.

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The Tineco A11 Hero weighs 5.5 pounds and comes with a 21-volt battery. It has two detachable batteries that are fully charged after three hours. Once charged, it will operate for up to 30 minutes per battery, depending on which of the three power modes is used.

The Hero comes with four attachments.

  • Floor Brush. This brush picks up embedded dirt and debris from carpets or hardwood floors.
  • Mini Power Brush. The mini works well on soft surfaces such as beds, chairs, and sofas. Its added suction efficiently picks up pet hair.
  • Crevice Tool. The crevice tool is a nice size for reaching areas such as furniture seams or along walls.
  • Dusting Brush. The attachment makes it easy to pick up crumbs or dust particles off hard surfaces.

If more attachments are needed, consider the Tineco Master model that includes five additional attachments.

The Insider found the Tineco A11 Hero to be a lower-cost alternative at less than $300.00. Its performance was adequate for single pet families; however, multiple passes may be required for heavy shedders.

The docking and charging station can store attachments as well as charge batteries. Locking the trigger frees you from holding it down as you clean. The Hero comes with LED lights to help clean under furniture or dark corners and converts into a handheld vacuum for above-floor cleaning.

The Tineco has the flexibility to vacuum under furniture, out-of-reach corners, and sofas. It can handle hard and soft surfaces, making it a reasonable alternative for the average pet owner. However, the limited runtime before recharging may be too time-consuming for those with a larger home or multiple pets.

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Bissell PowerGlide 3080 was designed for pet hair removal. It uses a specifically engineered roller brush to collect pet hair with minimal tangling. It maneuvers easily, making collecting pet hair from hard-to-reach places a breeze. It comes with a chargeable wall mount that holds attachments and a vacuum base.

The vacuum has a limited runtime of 30 minutes on low or 15 minutes on high after five hours of charging. It operates off a 21-volt lithium-ion battery placed on a charging station for recharging. The PowerGlide does convert to a handheld for greater flexibility; however, its overall weight is over eight pounds. Aside from its main roller, the cordless model has a crevice and brush tool.

The Bissell PowerGlide 3080 uses a washable filter in its multi-layer filtration system. Along with its unique dust bin design, the air filtration system minimizes the amount of hair returned to the environment. The Bissell cordless vacuum is designed for pet hair removal from soft surfaces, making it perfect for pet owners needing to keep their furniture free of pet hair.

Reviewers indicate the Bissell PowerGlide 3080 works well on soft surfaces. It’s perfect for pet owners with upholstered furniture and draperies that need frequent cleaning. You still need an all-purpose vacuum to remove pet hair from other surfaces.


The Hoover ONEPWR™ Evolve uses a lithium-ion battery in its cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It offers 35 minutes of run time on a 3.5-hour charge. It has a larger dust bin which reduces the time spent emptying the bagless container. It is a lighter cordless with a weight of 6.6 pounds.

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The Evolve has an antimicrobial brush that not only cleans surfaces but helps manage odors. This can help pet owners contain that offending pet smell. It has a high-speed airflow that increases the dust and debris it can remove from your floors.

The cordless vacuum is designed for cleaning carpets and hardwood floors. It is especially good at removing animal hair, and the added tools of a wand, crevice tool, and dusting brush make it easier to reach those out-of-the-way spaces.

Although the vacuum works well on floors, it lacks accessories that make it easy to shift to furniture. It can pick up pet hair from soft surfaces, although it is awkward to use. One reviewer had no problem keeping the hair from her two Maltese off the floor.

Transitions between surface types worked smoothly. The Evolve may lack the flexibility that other cordless vacuums have because it lacks the attachments for better maneuverability. With less maneuverability, the Hoover may not be able to reach all the pet hairs easily.

The Best Cordless Vacuum for Pet Hair

When looking for the best cordless vacuum for pet hair, consider your cleaning needs and budget. Why pay $1,000 for a vacuum you plan to use on your furniture once a month? If you’re looking to replace your corded model, investing in a multi-purpose cordless vacuum may be a wise decision.

Shark, Dyson, and Samsung offer a range of cordless models for homes with pets. While other manufacturers may have fewer options, most have at least one model for pet-owning families. Be sure to assess the runtime and the charging length of each model. A 15-minute runtime is not a good option if you plan to use it as an all-purpose vacuum. Also, look at the power and suction data for your model choice.

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With the basics in hand, you can look at what features fit best with your home and your lifestyle, so you find the best cordless vacuum for keeping pet hair under control.


Is a cordless vacuum worth the expense?

Cordless vacuums are lightweight and portable. Some convert to handheld vacuums, making it possible to clean cars, furniture, stairs, and out-of-reach places.

Is Dyson a good vacuum for pet owners?

Every Dyson model is designed to remove pet hair.

How long do cordless vacuums last?

According to the New York Times, cordless vacuums should last three to five years before needing an expensive part replaced.

What should you look for in a cordless vacuum?

Suction is the critical feature of any vacuum. Without good suction, the cordless device will not be able to remove debris, dust, or pet hair.

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