Do Blink Cameras Work with Google Home?

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Gone are the days when you order a security system and wait for the installer to show up. With so many do-it-yourself systems on the market, consumers are putting the power of protection in their own hands. Blink is one of the most well-known self-installation security systems on the market.

When investing in a DIY security system, it is important that it integrates with your existing home ecosystem. Google Home connects all your devices and services into one application, giving you easy access and automation. But do Blink cameras work with Google Home?

The short answer is “no.” Blink does not natively integrate with Google Home. Blink is a subsidiary of Amazon, so naturally, it is compatible with Alexa-enabled devices. It makes sense that a manufacturer limits the system’s compatibility to their own suite of products, encouraging customers to purchase complementary devices and systems. However, there are a few workarounds you can use to synchronize your Blink camera with Google Home.


“If this, then that”, IFTTT is a web-based service that can be used to set up conditions that are triggered by certain actions taken on other services such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Founded on the belief that everything will work better together, IFTTT can be used to access over seven hundred web-based services, so the possibilities are endless. The service may sound complex, but no coding experience is necessary to set it up and IFTTT makes incompatibility issues a thing of the past. Follow these simple steps to connect your Blink and Google Home systems:

  • Authenticate
    • Connect the Blink security system to IFTTT and authenticate.
    • Enter your Google Home information and complete the setup.
  • Choose Your Trigger
    • Select an applet or service to function as your trigger.
    • This will let the system know that some kind of action needs to be taken under certain conditions.
  • Choose Your Action
    • Setting this up specifies the action to be taken when triggered.
    • This lets the system know how to respond under the set conditions.
  • Transfer of Information
    • You need to decide what information is transmitted from your Blink security system to Google Home.
    • Once set up, the selected data is automatically sent between the two applications.
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Once set-up is complete, you can add services and applets as you see fit.


An innovative app introduced by Samsung, SmartThings is a simple home system to connect devices, apps, and systems in your environment. The ability to manage everything in one place can make life safer and simpler, and help things run more smoothly. SmartThings has an ever-growing list of supported apps at your disposal. It allows you to control both your Blink cameras and your Google Home system from one convenient app and is compatible with IFTTT. To use the SmartThings application, you will need to buy their Smart Home Hub and sync it with any systems you would like to manage from there.


Google offers custom automation with Zapier using Google Assistant. Once the product has been set up, you can create “zaps”, trigger phrases using your voice that prompt the system to take action. Zapier lets you add up to one hundred custom actions based on the same ‘if this, then that’ logic that IFTTT uses.

Other Options

Because Blink is proprietary to Amazon, there are fewer options when it comes to compatibility. There are other home security cameras on the market that are compatible with Google Home and can be easily connected.

Google Nest

The Google Nest camera can integrate with Google Home and Alexa, so it may be a better option if ease of use is a concern. Both cameras offer similar features, like live view, night vision, two-way radio, and motion detection. Google Nest provides better video quality, more advanced sensors, options for emergency response, and an extended warranty. The price is higher than Blink, but for most, it is a welcome tradeoff for ease of integration.

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Compatible with Google Home and Alexa, Arlo cameras are another popular alternative. They have high-quality video, advanced night vision, an alarm system, continuous recording, and are compatible with Wi-Fi and Apple Home Kit. The Arlo subscription fee, as expected, is more costly than Blink due to enhanced features.


One of the most popular do-it-yourself home security cameras is Ring. It features around-the-clock professional monitoring, an alarm system, expanded fields of view, and can be supported by Alexa or Google Home. With easy installation and lifetime protection against theft, Ring is an inexpensive alternative to Blink.


On the less expensive end of the DIY home security spectrum are Wyze cameras. The features are basic, but the product is compatible with Google Home, Alexa, and Apple Home Kit. Wyze is weather-resistant and has limited features. If you are looking for an option as affordable as Blink, it may be the way to go.


If you are looking for a camera option with better video quality and night vision, and intelligent surveillance, Eufycam is a viable alternative. There is no monthly fee, it is solar-powered, waterproof, and easy to install. There are several models to choose from.


Although regarded as one of the most portable home security cameras on the market, the Blink camera does not work with Google Home out of the box, but if it is your preference, there are a few ways to make that happen. IFTTT and SmartThings are great options for establishing a connection if you are willing to take some additional steps. If you have already invested in Google Home and native integration is a high priority for you, Google Nest, Ring, Wyze, Arlo, or EufyCam may be better options.

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Integration and compatibility should be considered before deciding on the Home Security system you want to use and the app you want to utilize to manage your home ecosystem. It is much better to know how your products will work together prior to purchase than to worry about incompatibility once you have them.

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