5 Best Facelift Doctors in Las Vegas

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The five best facelift doctors in Las Vegas are:

  • Dr. George Alexander
  • Dr. Brandon Reynolds
  • Dr. Hayley Brown
  • Dr. Robert J. Troell
  • Dr. Lane F. Smith

Each of these doctors is board-certified and has the top ranking reviews on Yelp and Healthgrades.

Each doctor is commended for different behavior, and each one has a different aesthetic sense. Read on to learn how to choose the best doctor for your facelift and why you should check these five out first.

How to Choose the Best Facelift Doctor for You

Choosing the right doctor for your procedure goes beyond looking up reviews online or asking friends for recommendations.

 In general, there are three things that you need to consider when picking a doctor for your facelift procedure.

Board Certification

You may think that the government would regulate surgery more strictly, but that is not the case. The United States government does not require a surgeon to have training specific to the procedures they offer.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery created a board specifically to assure patients that their cosmetic surgeon is trained in procedures relevant to the work they need to be done.

Do not be afraid to ask if the doctor is board certified (but rest assured that all five are on this list).


While there is a time and a place for gaining experience, someone who has not done a facelift before should not be working on your face. 

Ensure that the doctor you speak with has sufficient experience, not only in doing facelifts but also in working with your specific concerns.

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Aesthetic Sense

The last thing you need to consider is what the doctor sees as an improvement.

Everyone has a different opinion on what is beautiful, and that is fine. 

But you want the person working with your face to have visions that align with yours.

Look at before and after examples of work they have done before, paying close attention to people who look similar to you (similar facial structure and age) and those whose before photos exhibit the same concerts.

There is no shame in walking away from a superb doctor because the two of you do not share the same vision.

The 5 Best Facelift Doctors in Las Vegas

There are plenty of cosmetic surgeons in Las Vegas, and most of them have great reviews.

However, these five doctors stood above the rest and had special acknowledgments regarding their facelift procedures. Check out what landed them on this list.

George Alexander, MD at Dr. Alexander and Co.

Healthgrades: 4.9 stars

Yelp: 5 stars

Website/Before and after

Dr. Alexander is commended on his bedside manner in numerous reviews. Patients say that he is forthcoming on information, thoroughly explaining what they can expect during and after the surgery.

With more than 35 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Alexander has a broad base of knowledge that will be used to address your concerns and needs.

Brandon Reynolds at Reynolds Plastic Surgery

Healthgrades: 5 stars

Yelp: 4.5 stars

Website/Before and after

Patients of Dr. Reynolds say that they trust his decisions. This is probably because he takes the time to explain things and does not rush through or ignore questions. He is both caring and compassionate, two essential qualities that are important in any medical profession.

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Dr. Reynolds has fifteen years of medical experience and is a third-generation Las Vegas resident who could not stay away.

Hayley Brown at Desert Hills Plastic Surgery Center

Healthgrades: 5 stars

Yelp: 4.5 stars

Website/Before and after

In an industry that runs a 1:5 ratio in female to male plastic surgeons, Dr. Brown advertises being a female professional more for your sake than her own. 

This is not why she made it on the list, but if you prefer a female doctor, she is highly recommended.

Like most other doctors, she takes the time to explain the details of the procedure to you. 

Beyond this, patients of Dr. Brown are incredibly grateful that she does not rush them through appointments, and she does not appear to brush off their questions or concerns.

Robert J. Troell at Beauty by Design Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa

Healthgrades: 4 stars

Yelp: 5 stars

Website/Before and after

If you have never had a doctor personally call you to check up on you, let me introduce you to Dr. Troell. Beyond communicating so well in the consultation, most of his patients are surprised to receive a follow-up call from the doctor himself after their procedure.

Dr. Troell’s website explains that he has done over 1000 facelift procedures during his career, so there is no doubt that he has the necessary experience to perform your facelift surgery.

Lane F. Smith at Smith Plastic Surgery Institute

Healthgrades: 4.5 stars

Yelp: 4 stars

Website/Before and after

Suppose you are looking for a cosmetic surgery center that can make you feel at home. In that case, many reviews mention Smith Plastic Surgery Institute for having a welcoming environment. 

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Furthermore, there is a deep trust in Dr. Smith’s decisions, especially since he explains them so well.

Dr.Smith initially went to school to specialize in ENT and neck surgery. Still, he veered off that course to specialize in plastic surgery, and he has accumulated over 33 years of experience in the medical field.

Final Thoughts

This list of the five best facelift doctors in Las Vegas is a fantastic starting point, and you are almost sure to select one of them to perform your procedure.

On the off chance that none of them appeal to you, do not be discouraged. Just take the time to look for doctors with similar experience and reviews so you can have the best chance of picking a fantastic surgeon for your facelift procedure.

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