Lake Las Vegas Water Sports and Aqua Park

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Lake Las Vegas Water Sports and Aqua Park is an amusement park that offers water lay areas suitable for leisure and vacation. The predominant feature that strikes out from the first sight are runways and other structures erected on water.

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Aqua Park

Water parks have increasingly gained popularity in the recent past as people have developed a liking for adventure in waters.

This has stirred up the growth of water parks in the United States of America, with Lake Las Vegas Water Sports and Aqua Park being among the best.

Are you looking for a thrilling site to visit during your vacation? What kind of water sports do you desire to explore? Are you a lukewarm or extreme adventurer?

Well, you need to check out Lake Las Vegas Water Sport and Aqua Park as they have complete leisure, entertainment, and tourist package, great for people of all ages.

First forward, Lake Las Vegas Water Sports and Aqua Park is a tourist attraction site that offers unique and irresistible experiences to their customers, who are spoilt for choice.

This includes a series of inflatable slides, jumping pillows, rolling ladders, bouncers among many other things aimed to make your experiences nostalgic.


• Site seeing – this ideally is the first amusement spark any tourist will enjoy. From the lovers of nature to those who are excited by creativity, use of technology, and the site of an unconventional park on the land.

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Lake Las Vegas Water Sport and Aqua Park offer great natural aesthetics, amazing landscapes, and beautiful horizons on the waters. Besides this, the tourist gets to enjoy the site of diverse cultural and recreational activities people within the vicinity are engaged in.

• Flyboarding – it is one of the adrenaline filled water sports where water under pressure takes the rider to high heights.

The rider stands on a board that is connected to a watercraft via a long hose. The rider will thrust you upwards to heights of 49ft above the waters and 8ft under water.

• Pedal boat rentals ride – this is one spectacular canal attraction at the Lake Las Vegas Water Sport and Aqua Park. This activity involves taking a ride on a boat paddle, into deeper water or away from the horizon quietly, wading into the marine life.

This does not require much training, as paddling is as smooth and besides the guide is always around. Paddling manually enable the watercraft to make way and sail forward.

• Electric pedal boat rental rides – this closely resembles the later although in this case use of electricity to power the engine to navigate through is used. In these rides, the tourist need not do much, other than enjoy the ride.

Safety and security standards of those therein are factored into account with a safe jacket and watercraft made to precision, to ensure its safe.

• Mountain bike rentals – cycling at Lake Las Vegas Water Sport and Aqua Park has become a favorite sport that many tourists visiting long to try out. It’s one refreshing way to unwind from your busy and routine schedule, re-energize yourself and relax.

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There is a lot of adrenaline involved, physical engagement of your body and use of your intellect. This Aqua Park provides you with amazing experiences to ride through waters and even on dry land.

Tour guide works closely with you to ensure that you are properly groomed, have the know-how in cycling and racing.

• Cruising – this refers to taking a voyage. Lake Las Vegas Water Sport and Aqua Park offer this exciting package. It is affordable, and you get to take an adventure on a boat trip to your destination of choice. The Cruise Ships offer your deluxe hospitality and accommodation.

This is one tourist attraction activity that gives every family member from parents to children a chance to wholesomely have pleasure and fun wherein it.

• Slides – this a sport where the rider stands on a rolling board with wheels. He or she will then slide through the waters and storms back and forth. It’s utterly safe to engage in sliding even to people who do not know how to swim.

You only need to take a few instructions from your guide, wear the protective gear, and you are good to go.

• Skating – water and ice skating have become very trendy among young adults. It involves a metal skate glide that helps the rider wade through the water surfaces.

The ability to move the skates lies on the amount of pressure exerted by your body weight.

This means that the rider determines how far or close they can glide over waters or even halt the activity.

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• Swimming – this a popular water sports did not only of natural water bodies but even of human-made water bodies.

At Lake Las Vegas Water Sport and Aqua Park, they have vast water where tourist can swim both in shallow and deep waters.

Diving is also one of the tourist attraction activities in the park.


If you are looking to make a memorable tour but do not know the best place to visit, Lake Las Vegas Water Sport and Aqua Park got you covered.

It is located in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America.

To make a booking or reservation, you can directly contact them at 702-600-9860 or visit their website at

Operational hours

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Lake Las Vegas Water Sport is open every from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm to both local and foreign tourist; however, their telephone line is open around the clock. It welcomes all into their lifestyle of fun, leisure, adventure, and recreation. This is a paradise away from home.


Las Vegas Water Sport and Aqua Park boast extreme water sports and undeniably great and affordable rates.

The Aqua Park Pass is about US$20, to take a boat rental for one to two hours is about US$30 for both a paddle or electric boat rental.

Fly board, which is the major tourist attraction activity goes for about US$12 for every 30 minutes. There are a host of many other activities that you can check out their website.

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