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Lion Habitat Ranch

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The Lion Habitat Ranch offers a unique travel experience perfect for animal lovers. Just minutes from the Strip, this immersive wildlife experience has something for the whole family, featuring the Kings of the Jungle – African Lions. This nonprofit wildlife refuge is home to over 30 lions – and much, much more.

Many of the lions that call Lion Habitat Ranch home got their start as show animals, in Hollywood movies and TV shows, and as part of the famous shows in Las Vegas itself. Think of the Lion Habitat Ranch as a retirement home for these hard-working felines to live out their golden years, in an environment that reminds them of their African home. The Las Vegas desert is ideal for lions, as the weather and climate are close to life on the Savannah.

Wildlife experts are on hand to ensure that each lion is taken care of, with licensed, certified vets to keep them in good health.

It’s not just lions that greet you at this one-of-a-kind attraction. This not-for-profit agency has been caring for lions since 1989 and has since grown to include other endangered and wild animals in its habitat refuge. Majestic giraffes and other creatures of the Savannah are included here. The wild birds are especially popular, of course after the lions. Other exciting, exotic animals include emus, tortoises, ostriches.

Ollie, the giraffe, is an especially talented animal. In fact, he has been trained to paint! Visitors can watch special painting demonstrations and purchase some fo this artwork in the gift shop. Visitors can also have their pictures taken with either the giraffe or the lions, and are welcome to photograph the animals on-site as much as they desire.

The Lion Habitat Ranch offers unique, interactive experiences within ht premises. Visitors can hand-feed both lions and giraffes, featuring fresh food perfectly grown to help the animals stay healthy and happy. Yes, that’s right – visitors are allowed to hand-feed the lions! While these experiences are a little steep (feeding lions is over $100), it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet these fearsome beasts close up.

If you don’t wish to feed the animals, you can also choose to dine with them. Guests can choose to book a private event in the lion enclosure, sitting at a picnic table surrounded by lions waiting for their own dinner. You can choose your own meal, as the Lion Habitat Ranch works with area caterers to provide everything from a simple boxed picnic lunch to a lovely, remarkable, fancy dinner.

In addition to mealtimes, visitors can opt for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of the Lion Habitat Ranch. This includes watching the lions be fed and bathed, as well as how the actual operation takes place, such as vet check-ups and cleaning the cages. A veteran staff member guides the tour and answers any questions visitors have about lions, safely, and about the animals themselves.

The Lion Habitat Ranch loves having visiting students from the Las Vegas schools come to visit. The special school trips include learning about lions in their natural environment and how to properly care for them in captivity. The class groups can tour the facility and enjoy a picnic lunch on the grounds.

The Lion Habitat Ranch sanctuary is owned by Keith Evans. He has had a lifelong passion for lions and is dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming refuge for them. These lions are hand-fed by Evans and his team, eating a diet of raw meat, instead of manufactured food. While lions are able to clean themselves, the hardworking team at Lion Habitat Ranch also bathes them monthly. There’s even a resident caretaker that lives on-site, to ensure that any emergency situations are handled.

This unique refuge is overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which permits the Ranch to shelter lions and other wild animals. While housing the lions is expensive – $10,000 per year for the male lions and $8,000 per year for the females, the nonprofit educational zoo relies on both donations and the fees from tourists for entry. The Lion Habitat Ranch encourages their lions to live long, happy lives; in the wild, lions may only live 7 to 12 years, but the lions at the Ranch can easily live 20 years or longer.

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