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The Zero Breeze Portable air conditioner is perfect for camping or another outdoor event.

It’s battery-powered a 24-volt externally attached battery that can run 3-5 hours or all night in sleep-mode.

If you have access to power, it can also Plug into a power outlet.

The portable air conditioner can also be used indoors for those rooms that take on the extra heat due to windows or poor air circulation.

The portable air conditioner is revolutionary.

Originally crowdfunded, Zero Breeze has improved its original model releasing the Mark II. The cooling power has increased by 200%.

Within 10 minutes, the output temperature can drop 30 degrees.

Sleep mode automates the temperature keeping you comfortable while you sleep.

The new portable air conditioner includes a built-in de-humidifier keeping you cool and dry.

No ice or water is required to run the air conditioner.

The Mark II also includes USB ports for charging your phone and other mobile devices.

Cool Down your pets, your tent, your boat, or your RV with this portable air conditioner.

The machine only weighs 16.5 pounds making it truly portable. The Sound Level of Mark 2 is 52dB (A).

Once ordered, the Zero Breeze takes 1-2 days to ship and then 3-4 days to arrive.

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