Las Vegas – Gambling Addiction, or Vegas Addiction

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Las Vegas Gambling AddictionA vast array of glitz and glamour lure you in to the Las Vegas hotels and on to the casino floors, each with their own unique style and presence. An abundance of free offers await you as you enter, enticing you to sit down and take the free drink being presented to you. The noise of the machines an ever ringing sound in your ears. The cheering, the chatter, the excitement you feel around you all play a part in making you give your hard earned cash to the casino. You sit there, possibly for hours at a time whilst your purse or wallet slowly empties. And then you quietly walk away, no money left for the day. You may have won some, but you put it all back in to get that huge jackpot flashing above your head. Then you head back to your hotel room ready to do it all again the next day. Are you addicted to gambling? Or are you actually addicted to Las Vegas?

We all know that Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world. Vegas pulls in a vast array of visitor numbers each year, and has managed to beat the recession – or at least make it look a little better. But do you go to visit as a gambling addict? Does this city turn you in to one? The facts and signs of a gambling addict are all there! You give your money to a casino to try and win. You keep playing despite knowing you have to pay out for dinner later on in the day. And inevitably – you lose. But you will always have more money the next day to try again. For me though, this does not mean you have a gambling addiction. You have a Vegas addiction.

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Lets put things in to context. Out of the 40 million visitors in Las Vegas last year, how many actually gamble at home? In 1996, figures showed that 89% of Vegas visitors gambled in some way or another – around 36 million people. Recent statistics show that around 5% of people who gamble have an addiction. That would mean out of these 36 million gamblers, around 1.8 million would be an addict. So just over 34 million people gamble for fun – just because they are in Las Vegas! 34% of people who visit Las Vegas state they will return in the future. This number has fallen from 45% a few years ago, meaning the appeal of Vegas may slowly be wearing off. This means that 11.7 million people will return to Las Vegas at some stage – simple to have a good time.

But what is it that gets you hooked? Why wouldn’t you want to carry on gambling when you get home? For me, it is simple. The hotels appeal to many different tastes, and each give a different gambling experience. Casinos in other parts of the world are simple a room with table games and machines. They bring in customers who purely want to gamble and socialize over a game of blackjack or roulette. Las Vegas is unique. Each and every casino has its own theme and character. The atmospheres alter where ever you go. They hook you with casino comps and special deals, meaning the more you play at their casino, the more rewards you will benefit from. These could be free meals, free drinks, or even free night stays – something which other casinos across the world struggle to do.

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Vegas addiction outweighs gambling addiction in Las Vegas. 34 million people gambling for fun, simply because they enjoy the feeling. Not the feeling of gambling itself, but the feeling of excitement and euphoria which comes from being surrounded by an atmosphere you cannot re-create anywhere else. And for those 11 million people who return each year, well, they all suffer from a case of Vegas Addiction.

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