The Dome LV at Container Park

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Dinosaurs. Helicopters. Pink Floyd. All part of the offering of The Dome at Downtown Container Park, the first of its kind theater in Las Vegas, NV.

What is The Dome?

The Dome is a 4K-visual dome entertainment that reflects the energy of downtown Las Vegas. With nearly 14 million pixels in a series of ultra-HD, 360-degree imagery designed for all ages, the Dome is perfect entertainment for the young at heart. Over 36,000 lumens ignite an indoor dome set above 25 recliner-style seats, as imagery is accompanied by legendary rock bands.

You can explore the universe with Perfect Little Plant or go to the dawn of time with Dinosaurs at Dusk. If you are the seeker of interactive gaming, try Earth Defender, a first-person shooter experience where you and your companions heroically save the planet.When did the Dome LV open?

In 2013, The Dome at Downtown Container Park opened as a meeting place for private events in front of the shopping center Container Park in downtown Las Vegas, which opened at the same time. The primary use of The Dome at that time was to provide a unique attraction for cocktail mixers and other private events for approximately 75 people. However, in April of 2017, The Dome quietly began offering a theater with six attractions and tickets as low as $5 and aimed at visitors as young as four years old. The Dome is now promoting their readiness to provide entertainment for all ages.

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What does The Dome Theater Play?

The theater will offer package deals for visitors to see a show and order from a fixed menu at Container Park Restaurants, The Perch, and Big Ern’s BBQ.

The five video presentations by the theater include the dinosaurs, the solar system and three 40-plus minute visuals set to songs by U2, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd.

The light gun game will last about eight minutes and has four guns now but will eventually allow up to eight players.

The Dome will be working with other sites at the Container Park so theatergoers aren’t disturbed by other things going on, like the fire-breathing praying mantis statue, or music from the nightclub. Future plans for The Dome will include expanding the educational videos.

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What is the Downtown Container Park?

Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas, NV is an open-air shopping center. It is filled with unique restaurants, boutique retails shops and various live entertainment geared toward the whole family. From upscale dining to an interactive playground with The Treehouse, there are also free concerts, movies, and more.

Container Park is located at 707 Fremont Street at the corner of Fremont Street and S. 7th Street in downtown Las Vegas. Located near the I15 FWY and the 93/95 FWY, it is conveniently located just minutes from Summerlin or Henderson. Park hours are Monday-Thursday, opening at 11 a.m. and Friday, Saturday and Sunday opening at 10 a.m.

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For general information, you can view their website at or visit their Facebook page at

Where is The Dome LV?

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