Las Vegas Christmas Trees

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There are plenty of places to get Christmas Trees in Las Vegas. While we may not have listed them all, there is a great selection of Christmas Tree Sales Locations, some of which deliver.

Where to Buy A Christmas Tree

There are plenty of places to get Christmas Trees in Las Vegas. While we may not have listed them all, there is a great selection of Christmas Tree Sales Locations, some of which deliver.

Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas Trees South Las Vegas

Address: 9040 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Hours: Opens 9AM | Closes 9 PM

Phone: (702) 358-0877

Rudolph’s Christmas Trees

Address:510 S. Rampart Blvd #A, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Hours: Opens 10AM | Closes 9 PM

Phone:(702) 664-8110

Star Nursery Christmas Tree Farm

Address: 7330 W Cheyenne Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89129

Hours: Opens 7AM | Closes 5 pm

Phone: (702) 253-7827

Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas Trees Northwest Las Vegas

Address: 9040 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Hours: Opens 9AM | Closes 9 PM

Phone: (702) 358-0877

McKee Ranch

Address: 8982 Dean Martin Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89139

Hours: Opens 9 AM | Closes 9 PM

Phone: (702) 361-9606

Garden Center at The Home Depot

Located in: The Home Depot

Address: 1401 S Lamb Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Hours: Opens 6 AM | Closes 10 PM

Phone: (702) 641-9600

Walmart Garden Center

Located in: Walmart Supercenter

Address: 1807 W Craig Rd, North Las Vegas, NV 89032

Hours: Opens 6 AM | Closes 12 AM

Phone: (702) 633-6521

Kinds of Christmas trees

Douglas fir

Douglas fir is a pyramidal shaped tree with dense, soft, shiny needles that are light green in color. It is one of the most popular Christmas trees because of its fragrance and favorability to budget-conscious customers. The branches are less stiff and that makes it easy for most decorations with different kinds of ornaments.

The needles can grow to a length of 1.5 inches. They also extend proportionately around the branches and when crushed they release a fresh admirable fragrance.

The Douglas fir is most preferred for family decorations for its medium size gives room for most ornaments.

Balsam fir

Balsam fir is conical in shape and has green leaves that are needle-like. They are known for having shining silver and dark green shades. These are commonly used in making Christmas wreaths and bouquets. The needles are long-lasting and long enough to support tree ornaments. Due to its aromatic fragrance, it is often used for stuffing pine pillows and sachet. It also grows into medium size and therefore, it’s a good choice for home and family.

Fraser fir

Fraser fir is a u-shaped tree. The leaves curl upward forming a u-shape. Its needles are blue-green in appearance and their retention capacity is good. They have a very great scent from its fresh needle-like leaves. The branches are strong to hold on to heavier ornaments and other decorations of choice. In addition to all its characteristics, Fraser fir is one of the most popular Christmas trees thus highly favored for home and family celebrations.

Noble fir

Noble fir is a tall, beautifully symmetrical Christmas tree with needles that curve upwards exposing its branches. This characteristic makes the Noble fir popular for hanging ornaments. The needles are roughly an inch long. It’s a long-lasting tree. They are often used in Christmas wreaths and garlands. Noble fir is slender, and this makes it better for small spaces.

Grand fir

Generally, the Grand fir has a dark green pigmentation with needles that are almost an inch long. The bark has a soft touch and feeble branches. This makes it less common for holding heavy ornaments and decorations. Its glossy needles are displayed in two distinctive rows that are white at the top which gives it popularity. In addition to that, it is one of the tallest Christmas firs, and its height gives room for more ornaments for decorations.

Colorado Blue Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce is a blue hue pyramidal shaded tree that rarely shades its needles. The needles are sharp, have good retention and tend to curve upwards. They are waxy grey-blue in pigmentation and this results in it being loved by many. The bad news is that the crushed needles don’t smell great. The branches are stiff thus enabling users to put on them heavier ornaments. It is said to be the ‘perfect Christmas tree’ because of the dense attractive foliage that grows in a good symmetrical form.

Scotch pine

Scotch pine is another common Christmas tree that has burly branches. They favor the holding of both heavy and light ornaments. The needles are characterized by excellent long-term retention capability that withstands throughout its life span. They have a dark green pigmentation that grows into fascicles and form beautiful foliage.

Virginia pine

The Virginia pine is a short dense Christmas tree that has beautiful foliage with twisted needle-like leaves that grow in twos. The branches are short and strong. They easily hold on to heavy and light ornaments of all kinds. The dense foliage can be trimmed to any desired shape of the consumer. It is a popular tree because of its short height with woody branches.

How Long Will a Christmas Tree Last?

As a good environment and proper hygiene are essential to a good healthy human body so is to the general maintenance of a Christmas tree.

Generally, a freshly cut down Christmas tree will last four to five weeks if taken good care of. If a tree is purchased at the beginning of the month of December, it is likely to remain healthy throughout the season.

However, the lasting period depends on the type of the tree and the care there after. Proper care will help the tree retain its evergreen pigmentation and enables it to release a beautiful fragrance. The needles will fall off less when kept fresh. The tree will maintain a lovely outlook throughout the usage period. Good maintenance will prevent the tree from drying up and thus less prone to fire hazards.

  1. Choose a Fresh Tree: Feel the flexibility of the needle by softly and carefully rubbing one’s hand over them. They shouldn’t fall off or feel brittle. One can also lift the tree slightly then drop it firmly and this shouldn’t result in a fall of needles if the tree is fresh.
  2. Trim the Trunk: The tree vendor should have trimmed it across the trunk to enable suction of water.
  3. Keep it Watered: After the careful selection of a Christmas tree, it is necessary to always keep the trimmed part underwater. Check the levels from time to time.
  4. Keep it away from any source of heat. Heat contributes to its drying up. If necessary, it is advised to use other humid regulators in the house.

Who delivers Christmas trees?

  • Rudolph’s Christmas Trees
  • Star Nursery Christmas Tree Farm
  • Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas Trees South Las Vegas
  • Walmart Garden Center
  • Moon Valley Nurseries Christmas Trees Northwest Las Vegas
  • Garden Center at The Home Depot
  • McKee Ranch

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