Average Three Bedroom Home Price in Las Vegas

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We are frequently asked what is the average three-bedroom home price in Las Vegas. While this varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, at the end of the first quarter of 2021 the average home price for a 3 bedroom house was $325,000. You can find a Full Las Vegas Real Estate Market Report Here.

Primary YearSale Price, Median

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As you can see in the chart, the housing market has actually been steadily increasing year over year during this 5-year span. It’s currently a seller’s market and 3 bedroom houses don’t last very long. In a market like this, a buyer must be motivated to complete pre-loan qualification and write highest and best offers. It’s not a great market for a “deal” although you can still get today’s market rate on a home you love.

3 Bedroom Average Home Price

As you can see in the chart, the housing market has actually been steadily increasing year over year during this 5-year span. It's currently a seller's market and 3 bedroom houses don't last very long

It requires patience, motivation, and a real estate agent with tenacity.

If you are a seller, you still want to prepare and price your 3 bedroom house appropriately. Most recent sales in similar style homes (age, size, general location) will dictate the market price.

An agent doesn’t set your price, the market does. If priced competitively, you may see multiple offers. Remember, unless it’s cash, a funded purchase will require the home to appraise at market value. If it appraises lower than the buyer is willing to pay, the buyer may be able to come in with cash for the difference. It’s important to be aware of the possibilities even in a seller’s market.

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