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Black background with yellow chalk drawijngs of a house, newspaper, and magnifying glass. Reads Summerlin Housing Market News with BALLEN on topIn the past 5 years, Summerlin Las Vegas has seen home prices that average in the low to mid 300’s. Summerlin has higher averages that the rest of the Greater Las Vegas Real Estate Market as a whole. Each village has it’s own features and style as well as its own average home price. As a whole, including single family residences, condo homes, and townhouses, Summerlin had an average price range of $353,535 for 2017. The Summerlin Single Family Residential Home Prices finished 2017 with an average of $430,294. To buy or sell in the Summerlin Las Vegas Real Estate Market, contact Lori Ballen Team at Keller Williams.

Primary Year Sale Price, Average
2013 $326,093
2014 $341,378
2015 $362,733
2016 $357,125
2017 $353,535

2018 Current Home Values [Includes all single family in every area of Summerlin]

Graph of home sales in Summerlin, Single Family, Median Price Range

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Average Condo Prices

The average price ranges for Summerlin Condos has steadily climbed year over year from 2012 to 2017. The Average condo sale in 2017 was $205,314.

Primary Year Sale Price, Average
2013 $132,471
2014 $166,710
2015 $175,276
2016 $181,342
2017 $205,314

Summerlin North

Summerlin North finished 2017 with average price range of $314,902

Summerlin Hills

Summerlin Hills (Home to TPC) has seen a nice increase in average home prices over the past 5 years. The average home price for Summerlin Hills in 2017 was $458,586.

Primary Year Sale Price, Average
2013 $380,839
2014 $321,729
2015 $331,265
2016 $371,955
2017 $458,586

Sun City Summerlin

Sun City Summerlin has also seen a nice increase in the past few years. The average home price for Sun City Summerlin in 2017 was $287,716.

2017 Sun City Summerlin Home Prices 2012 to 2017 showing increase since 2013

Summerlin South

The Average home price for Summerlin South in 2017 was $345,764.

Summerlin has done well with growth and opportunity over the past 5 years. With a steady increase in home prices from 2012 to 2017, the popularity of the master-planned community is obvious. Since it’s inception in the early 90’s, Summerlin has been booming with new construction. With over 100,000 residents, it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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