National Rebuilding Day, Repairing homes and transforming lives

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April is National Rebuilding Month, a time to focus on the importance of keeping homes healthy and safe, especially for our community’s most vulnerable members. Throughout the month, more than 1,600 affiliate-led rebuild projects and approximately 40,000 volunteers across the country will lend their help to bring critical home repairs to communities across the US.

In Southern Nevada, the month-long schedule of activities will culminate on National Rebuilding Day, April 29, with a focused project hosted by regional affiliate Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada (RTSNV). The effort will revitalize 12 homes in the greater Las Vegas area.

What are critical repairs?

Tiles in the roof are being repaired during Nevada national rebuilding dayCritical repairs address issues that, left unattended, can compromise the integrity and safety of a structure. For residential homes, they include the repairing or replacing of roofs; installing new plumbing and HVAC systems to ensure reliable and safe distribution of heat and adequate ventilation. Minor but crucial accessibility modifications – installing grab bars and ramps, small structural changes, etc. – for also available those with mobility issues. And, the 12 Henderson and Las Vegas homes that will benefit from critical repairs and accessibility refits on April 29 will also undergo maintenance spruce-ups. These include exterior painting and minor repairs, debris removal and general property clean up.

The Rebuilding Day program supports green building wherever possible, prioritizing repairs that increase efficiencies in the home and potentially reduce utility consumption and costs.

Importantly, all repairs are provided free of charge to the homeowners.

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Who qualifies for the program?

National Rebuilding Day targets homes that belong to seniors, veterans, families, and others who may be choosing to forgo critical home repairs to put food on the table, or pay school and health care expenses. Home owners must meet the following criteria to be considered for National Rebuilding Day assistance:

  • Own and live in your home (carrying a mortgage is OK)
  • Be low income according to Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines. For example, a household’s total income cannot exceed $39,400 annually for a family of two to be considered low income
  • Be at least 60 years of age, disabled, a veteran, a military family, or a multi-generational family with small children

Why the program is important

In the big picture, providing free-of-charge critical repairs keeps families and communities together, keeps regional housing inventories healthy, and sets a compassionate example for young people who are learning the importance of giving back. The effort can also lead directly to neighborhood stabilization and other important societal benefits. Ultimately, the goal of RTNSV is to keep the Las Vegas community strong and living in healthy homes, regardless of individual circumstances.

What can you do to help?

Here in Southern Nevada, volunteer teams from Las Vegas Firefighters, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals, SouthWest Gas, Wells Fargo, Sherwin-Williams and many other local groups and companies will work together with homeowners to improve the Las Vegas community.

Anyone can help out by committing to at least a single day of service. In addition to its National Rebuilding Month and Day projects, Rebuilding Together Southern Nevada holds fund-raising and other events year-round. To find out more and learn how to volunteer, donate materials or sponsor projects, contact RTSNV at (702) 259-4900 or

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