When is the Best Time to Build a Pool in Las Vegas?

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While you can build a pool anytime here, this article will answer the question: when is the best time to build a pool in Las Vegas. You may be interested in purchasing a home with a pool already built-in, if so, click here to view Las Vegas Homes for Sale with a Pool.

Building a Pool

There is a myriad of reasons as to why you want to fix your property with a swimming pool. Swimming pools are fun, can help create family memories, and tend to be a focal point for get-togethers.

Not only that, but the temperatures in Las Vegas and the Nevada area can easily hover north of 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months or just above 37 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, summers can be scorching, hot, and uncomfortable for Las Vegas residents.

  • Fun right at home. Even though Las Vegas has a thriving commerce of entertainment and fun, sometimes you just want to stay home and enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool at your leisure.
  • Fantastic party destination. Swimming pools can help be the center point of your parties and get-togethers. Now everyone does not need to be stuffed indoors during the hot summer months.
  • Swimming pools are also part of your property’s aesthetic. A swimming pool can also add to the home value, with it being easily financed and quickly becoming the centerpiece of your backyard’s landscape.

Family Time

A swimming pool can add value to your Las Vegas home. This is because the Entertainment Capital of the World is located in a subtropical, hot desert climate. Potential homeowners may be interested in a property that already has a solution to deal with the heat imparted by the surrounding Mohave Desert.

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Not only that, but a strategically installed swimming pool can add compelling curb appeal, making your property stand out. When customized with features like hardscapes and waterfalls, a swimming pool can elevate the overall look and feel of your home.

Seasonal Savings

Many factors can affect the final costs of the installation of a swimming pool. However, many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of not only the chosen features of the pool but also the time of the year that it is being installed. Here are some of the advantages of investing in your swimming pool during the cooler months of Las Vegas.

  • Lower costs. Installation tends to be easier for contractors during the chillier months, making the installation less stressful for you and the builders. This is why prices tend to be lowest during the fall and winter periods.

    Also, many contractors take advantage of homeowners wanting to install their pools during the summer months, jacking up prices to make more profit during times of increased demand. Since there aren’t as many installations going on during the winter and fall months, prices tend to be stabilized. Also, the cost of goods – the tools and equipment needed to install your pool – increase on a yearly basis, making fall and winter insulation more affordable.
  • Easier landscaping. Installing an inground pool will typically require the upheaval of the backyard, temporarily damaging planted grass and foliage. The yard will usually need a couple of months for recovery, which can potentially take the whole summer season. By installing your pool during the cooler months, your family – and your pool – will be ready for the summer season.
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Take note that you can potentially declare the expenses of your pool as a tax write-off. This is especially true if a family member is using the swimming pool for medical reasons, or as a form of physical therapy.

Set a budget and make sure to complete research before you install the pool. Setting a budget will ensure that you will obtain the most important features, making smart choices that will make sure that the final costs do not go past your arbitrary limit. Careful research will also allow you to pinpoint if an above-ground or inground pool is the right solution for you, your family, and your budget.

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