Coyotes in Las Vegas – Protect Your Pets from Predators

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It’s a beautiful new day in Las Vegas. You make your way to the kitchen for that first eye-opening cup of coffee. While you’re waiting for the coffee to brew, you decide to gauge the temperature of the morning. You step out the back door and stop in your tracks. You aren’t alone in your back yard this morning. Staring back at you is a coyote. While you slowly back away into the house, wondering why a coyote has invaded your space, that coyote is wondering the same thing.

Department of Wildlife: 702 486-5127 extension 3851

Updated Sightings 2018 (Reported, Unconfirmed)

Jan 8, 2018 – Reported on Nextdoor that there was a Coyote in the Bella Vista Subdivision at The Vistas in Summerlin.
Jan 8, 2018 – Reported on Nextdoor that there were 3 Coyotes in Paradiso in The Vistas at Summerlin.

What do Do about Coyotes

Unfortunately, in our modern world it’s impossible to avoid occasional contact with a wild, or predatory, animal. Our community lines are blurred and there is no longer a distinction between their space and our space. This comes with hazards, but there are things you can do to protect your pets and yourself from coyotes and other predatory animals in Las Vegas.


Keep Dogs and Cats Inside

kid with catUnless you are with your pet, do not leave it unattended outside. You may be under the impression that allowing your cat or dog the freedom to roam is kind, you are putting your pet at risk. The kindest thing you can do for your pet is to care for its safety by keeping it protected. Sure, your cat might sit in the window and look longingly at the green grass, but it’s your job to know the dangers and keep them safely inside the house.

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Put Away Food Bowls

If you feed your pets outside, it’s important to remove any traces of food once your pet is finished eating. Coyotes and other animals who come into your community are most likely looking for food. Leaving traces of food or food bowls outside near your home is like throwing down the welcome mat for the coyotes in your community. Be present when your pet is eating so you can keep an eye out for predatory animals that may nearby. This is incredibly important for cats and smaller dogs.

A Guide for Dogs, Cats and Other Pets in Las Vegas

Add a Protective Fence

If you live in an area that allows you to fence in your yard, consider investing in a high quality fence that is installed by a professional. The fence should extend into the ground six inches and be a minimum of six feet tall. This will keep predatory animals who are on the ground from digging under or jumping over the fence to gain access to your yard.

owls in las vegasLook to the Sky

The danger to your cat or small dog doesn’t just come from the ground. Keep in mind that predatory birds such as owls and hawks are on the look-out for a meal, too. Keep trees trimmed to limit perching areas outside your home. Consider covering a patio to serve as a safer place for your small pet to relax while you’re nearby.

Close Encounters

If you find yourself face to face with a coyote, try to stay calm. Maintain eye contact and back away with slow and deliberate steps. Never run. If your pet is with you, do not pick up your pet. Keep a tight grip on their leash. Professionals advise that you should yell and wave your arms if the coyote continues to approach you.

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It’s a good idea to take along a device that makes a loud noise, pepper spray, or a walking stick when you’re out walking your pets. These items may come in handy should you ever come in contact with a predatory animal.

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Community Involvement

One of the most helpful things you can do to keep your home safe from coyotes and other predatory animals is to communicate with your neighbors and people in nearby communities. If you’re a member of a community group, alert others when you see a potential threat in the neighborhood. If there is a thread active in the group or forum, add a comment to update those who are following the conversation. Let’s help each other stay safe!

A bit of attention to these details may save the life of your beloved pet and keep your Las Vegas home safe from coyotes and other predatory animals. If you feel immediate danger, you should always contact animal control or law enforcement.



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