Top Design Trends for Fall

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As the weather changes, so do you find yourself doing redecorations and renovations within the house to make you and your family comfortable. Interior design trends are just like fashion: Many things get replaced from colors to materials. For example, in Spring and Summer, everything always seems brighter and lighter while in Winter and Fall, darker and rich jewel tones are preferred.

Some materials, such as wood may be retained even after the summer. However, let us look at fall interior design trends for home and family in 2019:

1. Jewel tones

Deep jewel shades have gained popularity in the past seasons and they will undoubtedly be there even during the fall. Shades such as Sapphire, Emerald and amethyst are the most famous jewel colors right now.

Introducing these colors into home décor instantly transforms your rooms into exceptional spaces. You will be a notch higher when you apply these colors to velvet upholstery.

2. A touch of darkness

During colder seasons, classic black and other darker colors are usually trending. Black can make a room look exquisite and attractive. You can use beige as the background color to avoid making the rooms darker. If you do not mind making the room to appear dull, you can try out a classic black kitchen.

3. Try sky blue

Sky blue is one of the colors that are likely to trend in the upcoming fall season. It is ideal for offices, living rooms, and bedrooms because it inspires creativity and peace. You can try out evening blue and muted tones since they are perfect for fall and winter.

4. It is marble’s time to shine

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Imagine a marble coffee table in your living room next to an imperial blue velvet couch. The marble surface perfectly complements the fireplace and the whole place looks classy and elegant. Marble can also provide a perfect balance with wood structures within the room, such as bookshelves. You can never go wrong with marble.

5. Organic florals and geometric patterns on wallpapers

Wallpapers have the power to transform a room into an elegant space. There are many types of colors, patterns, and textures that are available in wallpapers.

You can choose a color or design that you like in the neighborhood wallpaper store.

It is easy to install the wallpaper and it does not cost much, unlike paints. Organic florals and geometric patterns are the trending interior designs this coming fall.

6. Textile artwork can do the magic

Gone are the days when paintings were the only things that were used to decorate walls. Macrame, tapestries and other pieces of artwork are trending nowadays and they are also pocket-friendly.

Another advantage of textile artworks is that they contribute to thermal insulation during the cold season.

Darker colors are trendy in the colder seasons of fall and winter. Incorporate jewel shades into your living rooms, more so the upholstery.

Wallpapers with organic florals and geometric patterns are trending in fall. Try out textile artworks such as tapestries too!

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