Selling a House in Las Vegas – 7 Steps to SOLD!

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Step 1: Consider Why You Want to Sell:

Congratulations. You have decided that it might be time to put your home on the market. You may be wondering if it’s a better time to sell or should you rent out your property. You might even want to consider holding it for a few more years. Here’s why:

In April of this year, the median price of a single-family house in Southern Nevada was $249,000.

Step 2: Decide How Much you Would Like to Walk away with.


Step 3: Get an Online Home Evaluation


Step 4: Fix up the House and Do Obvious Repairs

Step 5: Have a Pre-Appraisal to determine home Price

Step 6: Consult with your Real Estate Agent

Step 7: Determine the actual list price

Step 8: Stage the Home for Success

Step 9: Hold Showings

Step 10: Hold open Houses

Step 11: Negotiate Offers (countering, muliple offers, what they asked for, cash vs. convention, earnest money, pre-qual)

Step 12: Accept an Offer

Step 13: Open Escrow

Find out what your home value could be now.Instant Report

Step 14:  Clearing TitleStep 15: Buyer Prep Time

Step 16: Negotiating Inspection

Step 17: Go to Closing

People have also asked: What happens if the buyer doesn’t have their payment ready to close on time?

Step 18: Schedule Utilities

Step 19: Record and Get Keys

Step 20: Grab the Moving Truck

Step 21: Hug your Real estate agent!

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