10 Considerations to Make When Preparing a House for Sale

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Putting a house on the market is not a simple task.  There are many considerations to make before your actual listing is placed on the market with a real estate agent or advertisements are placed.

Aside from the major, obvious repairs needed to sell the home, it is important to pay attention to the little things as well when preparing a house for sale.

To a homebuyer, the little things matter.

Getting the property ready is the hard part of the entire process, paying off when the final closing is complete.


One of the most important things to do when preparing a house for sale is to clean it thoroughly from top to bottom.  This includes the interior and exterior.

If the budget allows, it may even be beneficial to hire a professional cleaning crew to do the detail work.

The house will sell best if it is spotless and remains so throughout the duration of the showings.

Dust bunnies and spider webs will not help sell the home.


When people come through a house and are considering it for purchase, they want to be able to see the walls, floors, countertops, etc.

Decluttering the home and removing all the piles of magazines, books, papers, and other miscellaneous junk that tends to pile up is a good idea.

It is best for the seller to remove extraneous furniture as well so potential buyers have space to walk around and physically experience the home.

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As the furniture is reduced and clutter is removed, it may be necessary for the seller to rent a storage unit for the short term.

This is the best way to store all the extraneous things that are in the way when trying to show a home.  Finding a storage unit nearby is a much better idea than stashing all the things in the garage.


When people walk through the home and are considering buying it, they want to be able to imagine their own things scattered around.

The seller needs to take care to put away all the personal items that may have cluttered the home, making it “lived in”.

The seller’s family pictures only distract the buyers, making it difficult for them to think of their own possessions in those spaces.  The more generic the décor, the better, when trying to sell a home.


In addition to making major repairs as a given to selling a house, some of the smaller fixes also need attention.  In this situation, the little things matter.  This includes such tasks as:

  • Fixing leaky pipes and faucets.
  • Fixing all doors that don’t close, including the ones on cabinets.
  • Replacing all burned out light bulbs.
  • Replace cracked, broken, or missing tiles.


The exterior of the house is just as important to take care of as the interior when trying to make a sale.  If people do not like what they see from their cars as they drive up, there is a chance they may not even stop and get out.  They may not even give the interior a chance.

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All aspects of the exterior, including the flora, driveway, and back yard need to be tidied up.  It is a good idea to mow the lawn and trim back trees and shrubs for clean-cut looks.


When people seriously consider buying homes, they tend to have the urge to look inside built-in cabinets and closets.

They want to take a good look at the space available so they can imagine what it is like to have their things there instead.

Homeowners need to make sure their cabinets and closets are neat and tidy before allowing others to walk through.

Don’t forget the refrigerator, if it’s staying in the house.


When people look at the house, they consider buying it with some of the major appliances and décor in place.

This goes for such things as window coverings, appliances, and fixtures.

If there are things that are not for sale and the homeowner is intending to take it with them when they leave, then it is important to remove those items from the home.

Some examples of items include:

  • Family heirlooms such as chandeliers, window coverings, and antique appliances
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Lighting fixtures

If necessary, the homeowner needs to replace the removed items or temporarily rent them as stand-ins.


Oftentimes, the garage is used as a dumping ground.  When selling the house, a clean garage can go a long way.

Take the time to clean things up, throw out all trash, and remove items that may clutter it up.

Creating the open space so that the buyer can imagine their vehicles in it can sell the house in a heartbeat.

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When trying to sell a home, neutral wall colors can make a difference. 

Painting bold and white walls can give the home a warm feeling.

It allows potential buyers to easily match their own furniture and household items as they imagine themselves living in the home.

When homeowners are considering selling their homes, they need to consider some of the things they need to do in order to be successful.

A little bit of time and money invested in preparing the home can pay off in the long run.  The investment is minimal compared to the cost of having a house on the market for months on end.

The sooner the home is sold, the sooner the new homeowners can enjoy the space while the sellers move on as intended – a win-win situation.


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