Western High School

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Situated on the eastern edge of the Ridgemount neighborhood of Las Vegas, Western High School was built in 1960. It was the third high school built in the city’s history. The school provides bus service to adjacent neighborhoods that are within the school’s area of residence of the student body.



Western High is alive with activity in student clubs, with clubs focusing on pastimes like art, an anime club where students work on graphic novels, a book club, chess club, creative writing club, fashion, break dancing, improvisational theatre, a speech and debate club, the student council, band, the black student union, dance, gaming and a full-fledged student orchestra.

The school has an in-house social worker and clothing assistance, and they provide resources to help with difficulties in the families of students.



Western High School hosts a variety of sports for their students including cross country, football, soccer, tennis, basketball, bowling, wrestling, baseball, golf, swimming and diving, track and field and volleyball. The girls’ athletics department hosts flag football. The school also has a great cheer squad.

The school mascot is the Warriors, with a native American warrior with full feathered headdress and face painting as its logo.


The school is proactive in leading its student body to attend college after graduation. They provide opportunity for the Millennium Scholarship to students who maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA and have credits in classes like Algebra II and the Natural and Social sciences.

They encourage students to attend local colleges like Nevada State College and Nevada University.

Parents are included in the programs of the school, with programs like FACES, the Family Engagement Resource Center. The FACES program focuses on involving parents in seeking scholarships and helping their children build resumes. Campus Portal is an online center where parents can check up on attendance and grades.


With plenty of student culture to engage and brighten the lives of the student body, Western High School is a vibrant place of education that promotes the healthy development of its students and their families.

The school is a tremendous asset to the local community. Students are happy at Western, and parents are glad to have such an outstanding place for their children to learn and grow into successful adults.

Contact Info

The school website is located at http://www.westernhswarriors.org/. The office phone number is (702) 799-4080. The local school address is 4601 W. Bonanza Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89107.

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