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Built in 1996, Palo Verde High School caters mostly to the community of the western portion of Las Vegas and Clark County known as Summerlin. It’s a public school inside of the Clark County School District.

This school understands the importance of opportunity, with the school partnering up with the College of Southern Nevada and local Parks and Recreation facility, creating opportunities for students and parents as well as faculty to develop unique, yet rigorous curricular programs.



Picture of the front of the Palo Verde High School campus, says home of the palo verde panthersThe Band Program is one of the top-rated music programs in the region. Consistently recognized as one of the top programs in Nevada throughout the school year, the Band Program offers students performing opportunities including marching band, jazz bands, and performances at the prestigious National Concert Band Festival that is upheld every year.

The band program is consistently invited to several world renown events like UNLV Wind Orchestra. Palo also gives back to the Clark County community. The band program plays for ball games, basketball games, and several parades during the holiday season.

Advanced camp: The wind ensemble frequently travels across the United States for several performances. The ensemble is known to perform nuanced pieces of music from various musical periods. For those who want to the attend Advanced Band, students have to audition in front of the band director.

Understanding the importance of college readiness, the band director allows students to use instrumentation found in collegiate levels of wind ensembles and orchestras. Cello and string bass are also preferred instruments.




At this High School, students have the opportunity to take advanced placement courses and exams. This will put them at an adventitious position when it comes to applying for colleges.

AP classes impress college admission counselors, as they will note how graduates have already gone through a curriculum that is akin to a college-level course. At almost every college, the rigorousness of an academic record is what weighs the most outside of extracurricular activities and volunteering.

The AP classes allow the students to develop a college-level academic skill set. AP classes require critical thinking and high-level calculation that is typical during the freshman and sophomore year of college. By underlining the importance of AP classes, the school graduates students that have already mastered many skills that will lead them to succeed in college.

The AP participation rate at the high school hovers around 20 percent, making the student body very robust and academically inclined. There are more than 2700 students enrolled here. Once exit exams are vetted, more than 88 percent of the student body is more than proficient in reading and mathematics.


High School Clubs and Organizations

  • Student government: A strong student government makes any institution stronger. An involved student government organization can help bring a sense of teamwork and morale that’ll improve student and alumni involvement.
  • Science club: The science club at Palo offers students the chance to do science-related activities that enhance the student’s ability to organize knowledge to form testable predictions and explanations.

The High School offers a slew of national and international organizations that interests and engages their student body. Here, the diverse clubs and organizations represent the diverse interests of the students, truly catering to self-development that will help prepare the graduating class for their careers in college.

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