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About the School

West Career and Technical Academy is a comprehensive magnet high school, offering students four-year courses of study in a program area of their choice. Founded in 2010 and since placing consistently on lists of the top public high schools in the United States, West Tech is a national leader in career and technical education, focused on providing first-hand experience in the fields that are shaping the world of the 21st century.

The school hosts two Academies that administer nine distinct fields of study between them:

  • The Medical Science Academy teaches BiotechnologyBiomedical ScienceNursing, and Sports Medicine.
  • The Environmental, Engineering and Technology Academy teaches Environmental ManagementEngineeringInformation TechnologyDigital Media, and Business Management.

Study at WCTA includes rigorous and hands-on course work and projects, internships and job-shadowing, and a wide range of opportunities for personal development. Honors, Advanced Placement and Career and Technology Education programs help to prepare students for college and university, along with offering the opportunity to earn college credit.

Mission Statement

The mission of West Career and Technical Academy is to inspire students to compete successfully in the 21st century by providing a college preparatory education that utilizes project-based learning, real-world applications, and innovative technology.

WCTA has identified six essential learning outcomes to carry out this mission:

  • Students will achieve Content Literacy, mastering content in all subjects by reading, listening, observing, and doing.
  • Students will learn effective Communication: how to organise and express ideas in written, spoken, and symbolic forms for a wide range of audiences.
  • Students will master Critical Thinking, using problem-solving and investigative skills to reach creative and logical solutions.
  • Student will learn effective Collaboration by respecting the diverse ideas, values and perspectives of others.
  • Students will acquire Technological Proficiency, learning to use technology effectively, creatively and ethically and producing a variety of digital artefacts, including their own digital portfolio.
  • Students will learn Leadership and Responsibility, preparing for 21st century careers and a place in the global community by demonstrating respect, accountability, initiative, and a healthy lifestyle.

Core Values

  • Work Hard with Perseverance
  • Engage, Create and Innovate
  • Smile, Laugh and Have Fun
  • Trust in Each Other, Take Responsibility
  • Find Your Passion, Follow Your Dreams
  • Appreciate Opportunities with Humility
  • Make Kindness and Honesty a Priority
  • Individualise Yourself, Embrace Diversity
  • Lead to Inspire Others
  • Your Choices Today Can Make a Better Tomorrow

Learning More

There are many ways to learn about the fundamentals of attending WCTA, and the standards that govern its programs.

  • You can consult the school’s website here, and the Clark County School District’s Magnet Schools and Career and Technical Academies website here.
  • WCTA 411 events run every Thursday from 4:00 – 5:00 pm from early October to late December.
  • There are two Magnet Recruiting Events in each school year, each running from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. The Fall Choice Fair at Clark High School takes place in late September, and the Winter Choice Fair at Bonanza High School happens in early December.

See the WCTA website for specific dates on 411 sessions and recruiting events.

The Lottery Process

  • Open Magnet/CTA seats are assigned to students through a computerized, random selection process called the “lottery.”
  • A blind review database places qualified applicants in the lottery after automatically calculating all applicant grades. Those who are not selected during the initial lottery are placed in an alternate pool. Notifications about the lottery results are posted online and mailed to all applicants by late February.
  • For more information about the process, see here.

Submitting the Application

  • Access online applications here. The application deadline is in early January of each year. Late applications are accepted, but are not part of the initial lottery (see above).
  • If applying from outside the Clark County School District – this includes home-schooled, private and charter school students – make sure to include your first trimester or first-semester report card information.
  • If awarded a seat, you must accept online or by mail by the first of March. After the school mails you a registration package, you will attend an enrolment event and select your class schedule, and begin your WCTA adventure!

Medical Science Academy

  • Biomedical Sciences provides knowledge and skills in inquiry science, disease exploration, human body systems, and biomedical engineering.
  • Biotechnology introduces the “smaller aspects of biology,” and includes courses in Applied Biomedical EngineeringPathogen DefenceGenetic Diseases, and PreventingDetecting& Treating Cancer.
  • Nursing provides the knowledge and skills for work in the healthcare field as a Nursing Assistant.
  • Sports Medicine provides primary skills and knowledge in athletic training and sports medicine-related fields, and includes the study of physical fitness, human anatomy and physiology, injury evaluation and prevention, and rehabilitation.

Environmental, Engineering and Technology Academy

  • Environmental Management provides agriculture students with the information and skills necessary for success in the discipline, and includes courses in Ecological Concepts & Scientific PrinciplesEnvironmental Quality of Air, Water, & SoilEnergy Sources & Sustainable Use, and Greenhouse Management.
  • Engineering is the study of various aspects of architecture and civil engineering, including safety, construction documentation, the design process, impacts of engineering on society, material properties and energy principles.
  • Information Technology prepares students to meet today’s demand for digital communication and its supporting systems, and includes courses in Basics of Computer Hardware & SoftwareComputer Design, Maintenance, & RepairMobile Operating Systems and Current Trends in Mobile Applications.
  • Digital Media introduces the principles of creating graphic work and includes elements and principles of design, production, legal and ethical issues, and portfolio development.
  • Business Management provides a grounding in overall management principles and includes economics, budgeting, human resource management, operations, strategic management, and financial decision making.

Find more detailed information about these programs online here.

Advanced Placement

WCTA believes that all students should be given the chance to enrol in Advanced Placement courses, where they can explore the highest level of their potential in an encouraging and supportive environment. AP classes have many benefits:

  • They push students to master difficult content, and to enjoy doing it.
  • They bolster critical thinking skills, teaching students how to weigh evidence and sources rather than accepting what they read or hear at face value.
  • The difficulty level of AP also singles out such classes as valuable indicators of a student’s preparedness for college, and is invaluable for college admissions.

An AP course is considered a college-level class, and students need to be prepared to meet the challenges of a college curriculum. There are several essential factors for success:

  • Organisation
  • Self-discipline
  • Above-average reading and writing skills
  • Personal commitment and involvement

Parents and guardians should be aware that the rigour of Advanced Placement may mean more time and preparation for students at home. Some courses also require summer reading and/or writing assignments.

The final assessment for an AP course is the AP Examination, which sits in May. The cost of the exam is $92, and financial assistance is available. Contact the AP Coordinator for more information.

CTE College Credit

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. CTE College Credit gives students the opportunity to earn free college credit in high school elective classes. These programs are designed to prepare students to be post-secondary and career-ready, providing the opportunity to gain college credit on a path toward meaningful College of Southern Nevada degrees and certificates, as well as transfer education.

  • You can find a guide here to CTE programs and courses, what kinds of college credit they can lead to, and which degrees and certificates that credit counts toward.
  • To qualify for CTE College Credit, students must complete their CTE high school program with a 3.0 grade point average, pass the state end-of-program assessment, and pass the state workplace readiness skills assessment.
  • There is no cost to students for the college credit earned through CTE. In fact, earned college credit gives Nevada students a potential savings of approximately $500 per college course.

You can apply to CTE College Credit programs here. For more information about CTE, consult the College of Southern Nevade website


  • Almost thirty curriculum-related clubs and more than a dozen extra-curricular clubs contribute to a vibrant and diverse range of activities at West Tech.
  • The offerings available range from Future Farmers of America and Future Business Leaders of America to Archery, Dance, Drama, Speech and Debate, Science Olympiad, Intramural Basketball and Running, Acts of Kindness and UNICEF clubs, and much more.
  • The school also provides Leadership Camps, study trips to the nation’s capital for senior classes, and a full calendar of events, fundraisers, conventions and conferences too numerous to list here.
  • The school has its own online broadcast: KCOW: Wakin’ Up With the Wranglers!

Future Farmers of America

The West Tech chapter of FFA was founded in 2013, and seeks to change the face of agriculture by focusing on urban agriculture, environmental science, and agricultural business. By volunteering and helping the community, members hone a range of skills that includes public speaking, flower arranging, soil testing, horse wrangling, business management, and much more.

Future Business Leaders of America

FBLA prepares members to pursue careers in business with confidence and interview-readiness. Students participate in “scenario events” that simulate real-life situations such as job interviews, and travel to FBLA conferences where they get the chance to test their skills in competitions with other members from across the country.

General Information

  • The Clark County School District is dedicated to nondiscrimination in its programs, activities, and services, and to providing accessible facilities and prompt, transparent communication. If you have questions about the existence and location of accessible services, activities, and facilities at WCTA, please contact the Principal, Ms. Dockter-Rozer.
  • The school operates in compliance with Equal Opportunity regulations and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.
  • Daily bus transportation is provided to WCTA students who live within the Transportation Boundary.
  • The school provides a full range of guidance and counselling services for students seeking advice about academic, personal, social and career-related questions.
  • Infinite Campus is a web based technology designed to give parents and students secure and confidential access to grades, assignments, attendance, student information, and school information.

The WCTA Student Handbook provides further information about these commitments and a detailed rundown of the school’s services, procedures and policies. You can access the 2017-2018 handbook online.

Contact Information

West Career & Technical Academy

11945 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135

Phone: 702.799.4340

Fax: 702.799.4355

Registrar’s Fax: 702.799.1404

School personnel will generally respond within one school day to telephone and e-mail messages.

Faculty – Administration

Ms. Dockter-Rozar, Principal | e-mail: docktac@nv.ccsd.net | Ext 4100

Mr. Yee, Assistant Principal | e-mail: yeeag@nv.ccsd.net | Ext 4200

Ms. Byrne, Assistant Principal |e-mail: byrnesa1@nv.ccsd.net | Ext 4204

Ms. Snipes, Dean | e-mail: snipejb@nv.ccsd.net | Ext 4204

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