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89166 is a rural area on the way out to Indian Springs. A small portion of Centennial hills makes it way through 89166 as does the Providence Master Planned Community and parts of Skye Canyon. In 2016, the reported population was 18,038 with 5,830 single family homes and condos. This is reported to be a high rental area as well.


Schools in 89166

89166 Real Estate Market

Popular home builders in 89166 are Woodside Homes, Toll Brothers, Ryland Homes, Richmond, Pardee, Pulte, Century, and Beazer. While homes were built here in the early 1990’s, we’ve seen a boom in this area since about 2004. This area has seen steady growth and has an average price range of about $279,000 for single-family residences.

Primary Year Sale Price, Median
2013 $190,000
2014 $215,000
2015 $225,000
2016 $240,000
2017 $265,000
2018 $299,000

In 2017, the 89166 Zip code appreciated by 11.7% including all home sales. Click here to view the appreciation map for all zip codes in the Greater Las Vegas Area.

2018 Home Sales


Property Subtype

Sale Price, Median
Single Family Residential $299,000
Condominium $125,250
Property Type Sale Price, Median
Residential $295,000
Vacant/Subdivided Land $182,000
Residential Rental $2,200

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