The Summit

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The Summit is a neighborhood that sits on 555 acres of land below The Red Rock, 11 miles away from McCarren international airport and a couple of blocks from the Las Vegas strip.

Notably, the private club consists of excellent amenities and a golf course designed by Tom Fazio. Next to the facility sits the neighboring community, which includes The Ridges, The Red Rock Country Club, and Traccia.

Looking at the services of the new neighborhood, residents will enjoy diverse amenities provided by the community. Some of the luxury they will experience will include vast tracks of the nature trail, golf courses, 150 parks, and good schools amongst many other services. Additionally, there will be an urban center known as Summerlin that will be opening soon where residents can go shop and relax.

The Summit Spa

Some of the services offered at the spa include

  • Fitness centers
  • Spas which offers massage therapy and skin treatment options
  • Lap pools
  • Yoga rooms and professional yoga instructors
  • Modern salons
  • Reflecting pools
  • Tennis courts

Dining and Event Spaces

The Summit Club provides an indoor dining space that can accommodate up to 220 guests at a go and other private seating places that can hold 20 people. To sweeten the deal the dining spaces consists of private views of The Red Rock Canyon, club lounge and a spectacular view of the strip.

The Summit Clubhouse

The Summit Clubhouses provide privacy while at the same time giving one the most exclusive views of The Las Vegas Strip. Some of the features of the facility include:

  • Pools with seating spaces
  • Monumental architectural designs with fireplaces
  • Living rooms with balcony facing golf course designed by Tom Fazio and The Red Rock Canyon.
  • Concealed parking for cars as well as cart valet.
  • A fresh market which provides bakery and has coffee shops

The Club Village

At the club village, there is a range of activities, which include bowling alleys, kid’s pool, movie theatres, table games, basketball courts and arcade games. Notably, the neighborhood is the center of the private community. To golf lovers, the club consists of Tom Fazio designed golf course. Additionally, if you have children their variety of kids games and activities to keep them occupied while you enjoy yourself. Other luxuries provided include fitness centers, elegant restaurant, outfitters centers to mention a few.

The Residents

Notably, the Club is landscaped between one of the liveliest city and incredible natural terrain. At the summit, there will be divergent living options that clients will be able to choose. Some of the alternatives will include golf cottages, homesteads, desert bungalows, clubhouse resident, point villas, and club villas to suit each kind of lifestyle.

When it comes to architectural landscaping, each resident is carefully built with a clear view of The Las Vegas Strip and The Red Rock National Conservation Area. Moreover, the area allows residents to utilize natural resources and participate in outdoor activities. It is in this regard if you want a serene and private environment, Summit is the place to live.

Golf Cottages

The golf cottages boarder Tom Fazio- designed course, The Clubhouse and the massive Red Rock. The cottage provides exclusive pedestrian trails. In terms of design, the houses are two stories and offer four bedrooms with four baths. Notably, the structures are well suited for privacy.

Club Villas

These structures sit at the southern end of the golf course. The houses consist of three bedrooms each with 3.5 baths and a separate guesthouse. Moreover, club villas provide explicit access to the pedestrian trail, therefore, offering accessibility to the tennis courts, clubhouse and so on.

Desert Bungalows

Desert Bungalow is a collection of domestic residence and is just a stone’s throw from the fitness center, golf course, and the tennis court. The architectural design of house consists of two stories with 4 bedroom and 4.5 bathtubs. Additionally, the structures come with spacious outdoor and exclusive views of the Red Rock and the Las Vegas Strip.

Point Villas

Point Villas provides the most extensive residential place at the summit. According to the design, the villas offer four garages, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, lofted ceilings, golf carts and ample outdoor space.


Discovery Builders and Homes

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