Shop single family homes, condos and townhomes in Summerlin that are designated for 55 + homeowners. There are many communities to choose from including Sun City Summerlin, Sun City Aliante, and more.

Icon of a house with letters that spell out the words BUILDING RETIREMENT WEALTH WITH REAL ESTATE

Building Retirement Wealth for the Risk Averse with Real Estate

When you’re reading about diversification, next time think about more than just diversifying among different stock sectors or buying mutual funds. Consider reallocating some of your portfolios to real estate for a goal of retirement wealth.

Retiring in Las Vegas, a Growing Trend

When it comes to thinking about where they will retire, a lot of retirees dream of going to a sunny place with a lot of beaches. Retiring in Las Vegas might be considered a gamble. However, if they take a gamble on this town, where gambling is what this town is well-known for, may seem … Continued