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The Bill & Rosemary Vassiliadis Elementary School strives to motivate every man, woman, and child to be involved in the cultivation of a warm growth environment. It is the Home of the High-Flying Cubs that fosters achievement by enhancing positivity and enthusiasm.

We aim to create a learning environment that gets everyone eager to learn and kind as they strive to achieve their best. The school has all the intentions to mold young minds in a way that gives them options and they go up the career ladder in life.

The Vassiliadis Cubs love to smile, and we hope to spread that to the whole community.

215 Antelope Ridge Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89138
Phone: 702-799-1420 Fax: 702-799-1421

Homes in This Zone

Guiding Philosophy

Here at Bill & Rosemary Vassiliadis Elementary School, we believe that the role we play greatly determines the success of children in the present and throughout their academic life. Therefore, we strive to get them ready for career success through innovative shared leadership and methods that encourage the best learning outcomes.

Our students are equipped with unique skills that prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century. However, funding challenges sometimes prevent us from acquiring all the skills and materials necessary for first class education.

That informs the need for us to raise funds and grants from donors to support our art, steam, technology and physical education programs. We routinely partner with businesses and donors who share our vision for education.

The Founders

Billy and Rosemary Vassiliadis founded the Bill & Rosemary Vassiliadis Elementary School. The couple has been at the forefront improving the lives of children of Nevada through education.

They continue to devote their time and resources towards their excellent course of education. Hundreds of schools have benefited from Billy Vassiliadis’ funding.

Billy has been involved in many bond campaigns for passage of ballot questions. Subsequently, he has been able to raise $6.8 million for the setting up of 232 public schools, renovation of existing facilities, and construction of bus parks.

Billy’s wife, Rosemary Vassiliadis, is no stranger to Clark County. She has made tremendous contributions in various official capacities. She has played multiple roles in the county’s finance department and was in 2013 appointed the County Director for Aviation, the first woman to serve in that position in Clark.

Billy Vassiliadis is the chief executive of a global marketing and public relations company called R&R Partners that is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has played a role in the election campaigns of various Democratic Party candidates including President Barack Obama and Senator Harry Reid.

Rosemary is the 11th Aviation Director for Clark County and leads one of the busiest airports in the world. McCarran airport began operations in 1948, and it currently employs more than 1500 employees to manage the various operations that work under Vassiliadis.

Overly, more than 16,000 employees are working within the airport ecosystem. Her work involves managing several critical links that are crucial to the country’s travel sector and that of the world.

She is also a member of American Association of Airport Executive Board. Further, she has served on the executive board of the US Travel Association, which a trade group based in Washington DC to promote the interests of American businesses at home and internationally.

Rosemary is a board advisor to the International Aviation Law Institute.

The institute researches and studies international aviation regulations and laws from its base in DePaul University College of Law. In Nevada, Rosemary Vassiliadis serves at the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee as a technical advisor, a creation of Brian Sandoval meant to create a platform for community leaders and stakeholders.

Specifically, the committee identifies and prioritize tourism projects to improve tourism investment through various financing mechanisms. She also works at the Nevada Homeland Security Commission that was appointed by Governor Brian Sandoval to look into security goals and programs and act on emergencies, a role she has served previously between August 2004 and July 2007.

As a member of Las Vegas Advisory Council of the United Service Organization (USO), she has ensured that a USO lounge was opened at her airport. The school enjoys the advisory of some of the most experienced personalities in the industry.


Registration at the school is easy, all you need to do is follows the three simple steps below. Noteworthy, for all families not enrolled in a CCSD school, registration began 3rd April.

For continuing families, registration began on 11th April.

Step 1: register at the online portal

The portal provides two options for registration

Option 1

  • Children currently attending CCSD
  • Children transferring to Vassiliadis from Givens, Staton or another CCSD
  • New children with siblings in CCSD school

Option 2

  • Making a transfer to Vassiliadis from outside Clark County
  • Children without siblings who have attended any CCSD schools

Step 2

If your child has been studying within the Clark County School District, provide a proof of address using a recent utility bill and a residential lease or sales contract.

Additional documents are necessary if you are new to Clark County School District.

Identification documents:

  • Original birth certificate
  • Passport documents

Proof of immunizations and related medical records:

  • 5 DPT shots *
  • 4 Polio shots *
  • 2 MMR shots
  • 2 Hepatitis A shots
  • 3 Hepatitis B shots
  • 2 Chickenpox (Varicella) shots

Please note that on the fourth birthday of your child, they must have had at least one dose of DPT and polio

​Step 3

The process is over, now all you need to do is wait for your mail detailing classroom assignment in late July.

​As a parent, we know you are concerned about the teachers molding your children into fine ladies and gentlemen. Bill and Rosemary Vassiliadis Elementary School only pick the best people so that your child has access to the most suitable teachers that will deliver the quality results you desire.

We always encourage parents to tell us the kind of teaching method and teacher traits best suited for your child. You can submit the Teacher Qualities and Traits Communicator Form for consideration.

However, we do not accept teacher requests.


Our programs fall into four major categories: art, steam, technology, and physical education. They are geared for practical and enjoyable learning for all levels. Specifically, the following are some programs run by the institution:

  • Student Council
  • Kids Yoga
  • Art Class
  • Cheer
  • Drama Kids
  • Schoolhouse Chess
  • After School Spanish
  • Garden Club
  • Science Club
  • Photography Club
  • Tech Brainiacs
  • Vassiliadis Choir

Learning Resources

The school offers extensive resources for research and learning. The following are some of the resources available for our students:

CultureGrams provides a wide range of information on countries, states, and people of various parts of the world. It contains maps, photographs, videos, audio, writings, and illustrations.

EBSCO Explora
EBSCO Explora organizes magazines, journals, books, encyclopedias and other documents based on their popularity. It provides an extensive database and videos, photos, maps, and documents.

World Book: Early World of Learning
The resource has an extensive catalog of interactive stories, videos and other content themed for K-2 pupils.

World Book: Kids
The World Book for kids offers child-friendly articles, videos, and images for numerous topics. It is most appropriate for grades 1-3.

PebbleGo (K-2)

PebbleGo is an award-winning research database that is easy to navigate and rich in content. It also offers audio read-along. It is best suited for pre-K and High School learners. ​

World Book: Student
The World Book for students is a web resource with many topics in articles, video, and photographs. It also features research guides and an atlas for grades 4-5.

Learning Express

LearningExpress is a professional Library that helps students of all levels to achieve their educational goals.


Paul Catania, Principal

Paul Catania holds a major in Bachelor of Communications and a minor in Advertisement. He also holds two Master’s degrees in Special Education and Education Administration.

He has previously worked as a marketing, advertising, and public relations director. His interest in education began when he visited a friend in their classroom. He has since served as a special educator at Kermit Booker and Sr. Empowerment Elementary School.

He has also served as assistant principal and principal at Harvey Dondero Elementary School and John W. Bonner Elementary School respectively. His work has contributed immense growth in education, and he has won a prestigious National Blue-Ribbon School.

Christina Fitch, Deputy Principal

Christina has over thirteen years’ experience working in CCSD as a tutor, computer specialist, strategist, and coach. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from UNLV. She also holds two Masters’ degrees in Education Technology and Administrative Leadership.

She has a rich administrative background. She has worked in various administrative capacities in Clark Country serving as a Regional Data Coordinator, Assessment Manager and School Improvement Planner. She has also held the position of deputy principal at Bonner Elementary School for three years and a year at Staton Elementary School.

Also, she has been a tutor for teacher leadership at the college level and worked as a mentor to graduate students studying administrative leadership. Christina also teaches English as a second language.

Making the learning environment more conducive is difficult. We are seeking for donors and sponsors to help us raise extra capital; donations will be used in the following activities:

  • Hiring more staff and specialists to our center to improve the teacher to student ratios. Specifically, the funds will be used to hire more teachers and instructors to achieve small instruction groups.
  • Procuring materials for research such as computer programs and other materials used in modern scientific research. The donations will also help in supporting science, technology, arts, and mathematics.
  • Improving our computer labs by procuring more computers for students.

In addition to donations, there are various sponsorship activities available at Vassiliadis. At $1500, you are recognized as a platinum sponsor with several benefits associated with the partnership including:

  • A personalized banner for your organization hanged in our multi-purpose room.
  • Assured visibility during our Run for Education community event finish line. We usually showcase the names and logos of sponsors during the event for public recognition at an event of more than 1300 attendants.
  • Your logo will be featured on the shirts used in Vassiliadis’ Run for Education event.
  • We provide a link to the sponsor’s website on our school website with a full-featured image.
  • We post company images of our sponsors on our Facebook and social media pages with links to the company website.
  • Listing of sponsor’s names on the school’s lobby.
  • An option to have a booth during the Vassiliadis Race for Education as well as a chance to distribute advertisement materials at the event.
  • Get an advertisement to over 800 families through our sponsor page in yearbooks and newsletters.
  • We offer sponsors registrations, shirts, and race bags for up to six more people at the Run for Education activity.

Vassiliadis Community Events

St. Baldrick’s Event

We have participated in the childhood cancer awareness activity for the past six years during the St. Baldrick’s Day. We have managed to raise more than $60,000 as our team’s activities continue to expand.

We join children and teachers from neighboring schools such as Bonner, Sig Rogich, Faith Lutheran, Palo Verde and West CTA. We always welcome members of the local community and stakeholders to join in the exciting activity.

Fun Run for Education

The Bonner Elementary School started the tradition of running for education and Vassiliadis is overjoyed to join. The event began in 2012 as the Run for Education Fundraiser.

It has always been aimed at combating budget deficits and maintain quality education. All the monies collected during the event help the school to hire more teachers and specialists to achieve better teacher to student ratios.

Further, we strive to improve the support accorded to students in the school with the help of the program. Overly, the day is also a chance for the school to interact with the community and share fun and experiences.

We urge all members of the public to participate.

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