Staging for All Senses

When Selling Las Vegas Real Estate, Consider all Senses

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market in Las Vegas or in the Summerlin Community at some point in the near future? If so, you may be wondering about various ways to make your property as appealing as possible to prospective home buyers. After all, the last thing that you want is for your home to languish unsold for months. Fortunately, there are several easy and relatively inexpensive things that you can do to make your home attractive in the eyes in those in search of a new abode. You’ll want to always be thinking about what your home might be worth in Las Vegas and what you can do to maximize offers.

Curb Appeal Matters

What’s the first thing that someone sees as they are driving up to your home? You’re probably so used to that particular view that you don’t even know what its appeal quotient is. Take an objective friend along and slowly drive the street leading up to your home until it comes into view, and then stop your vehicle and pull over to a safe area on the side of the road. You might even want to take a photograph or two at this time to help you decide on the best possible focal point.

After you’ve determined which area of your home is first noticed by approaching motorists, place an attractive, eye-catching object in that area. A large planter full of colorful, blooming annuals is an excellent choice that will provide you with a relatively inexpensive way to help your home make a great first impression. After this is accomplished, place hanging baskets brimming with blooming blossoms in strategic areas around your home where they’ll be easily noticed. Make certain that your yard is clean and relatively weed-free, and if you have a lawn area, it’s best to ensure that it’s green and healthy-looking during this time.

Keep in mind that prospective homeowners are largely drawn to the Summerlin community because of the abundance of natural beauty that the area features, so outdoor aesthetics will most likely be important to them.  Appealing to this preference by sprucing up your outdoor living area as much as possible without going obviously overboard will provide your property with a good head start when it goes on the market.

Once Inside the Door

The first thing that greets visitors as the enter your front door should always be a pleasant-but-not overpowering aroma. An unpleasant smell will kill even the best of first impressions faster than anything. Some homeowners choose to have an aromatic apple pie or loaf of bread baking in the oven when potential buyers are scheduled to come over, while others may place a vase of fragrant flowers somewhere in the vicinity of the front door. Both of these options are highly preferable to an over-reliance of canned air freshener.

Most home sales experts will tell you that the room of the home that is most instrumental in coaxing interested lookers into signing the final purchase papers is the kitchen. Because this is true in almost all cases, make certain that your kitchen is always clean and well-appointed. Remodeling dollars generally go farthest here.

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The Rest of the House

The rest of the home should be clean, comfortable, and odor-free. Pets should be kept out of sight unless you’ve just got an older cat sleeping in a ledge in the sun, but even a well-behaved dog that won’t jump or bark should be kept elsewhere while the house is being shown. Some people are afraid of dogs, and erring on the side of caution in this matter is the polite thing to do.

Bathrooms should, of course, be clean and clutter-free, and special care should be given to floors and windows throughout the rest of the house. Some people choose to hire a professional cleaning service to come in once per week or so while their home is up for sale so that it is always looking its best.

Should You Hire a Home Stager

A new trend among those who are currently trying to sell their homes in the Las Vegas area is to hire a home stager to create an ambiance that makes those looking at the house feel comfortable and relaxed. One of the key components in a successful home sale is providing potential buyers with a positive picture of what their life would be like if they lived in the house, and this is where home staging experts excel. Many people who have recently sold property in Summerlin have used home staging services with great success. Some real estate agents also offer modified home staging services where they’ll place a fresh baked batch of cookies and a vase of flowers in strategic spots.

Whether you choose to use a home staging service or to wing it on your own, keep in mind that the key to a quick, happy home sale is making certain that your house puts its best foot forward.

When you decide to Sell your home in Summerlin or in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, or Henderson, Call the Las Vegas Real Esate Agent Specialists at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas at 702-604-7739. The ballen Group sells their homes for 103% over asking price on average using their comprehensive Marketing Plan.

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