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Las Vegas has built its tourism industry around encouraging visitors to behave recklessly. As such, it's not surprising that many tourists do behave more recklessly than they would on a normal vacation when they're in Vegas. During your upcoming trip, steer clear of the following common tourist mistakes in Vegas.

Biggest Mistakes Las Vegas Tourists Make When Visiting Las Vegas

Las Vegas has built its tourism industry around encouraging visitors to behave recklessly. As such, it's not surprising that many tourists do behave more recklessly than they would on a normal vacation when they're in Vegas. During your upcoming trip, steer clear of the following common tourist mistakes in Vegas.

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Enjoy this Las Vegas City Guide video and list of things to do in Las Vegas, Best of Las Vegas and Living in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas City Guide

Enjoy this Las Vegas City Guide video and list of things to do in Las Vegas, Best of Las Vegas and Living in Las Vegas.

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Art created by an artist in the Las Vegas Arts District downtown Las Vegas

A Guide to Visiting the Las Vegas Arts District

The Las Vegas Arts District is, of course, a bastion for all kinds of art, with an abundance of galleries, studios and museums where people can take in everything from paintings to sculptures to theatrical performances.

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what happens in vegas

Where did the phrase what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas come from?

The phrase 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' stands out among a number of slogans as being both a famous line and a catalyst for driving people from around the world towards the escapist town that is Las Vegas.

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Downtown Summerlin Mall

The next time you decide to plan a trip to Las Vegas, you should consider adding the Summerlin Mall Las Vegas to your list of places you can't afford to miss. For those who love to shop, there are dozens of boutiques and brand name stores to keep you looking your best during your stay…

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cartoon couple is pointing at words that say Buying a FSBO (For Sale by Owner) - the Do's and Don'ts of the Hunt

Real Estate: Buying a FSBO (For Sale by Owner) – the Do’s and Don’ts of the Hunt

House hunting can indeed be a daunting experience. In this day and age, some buyers prefer to take matters into their own hands in order to retain control in the buying process, and this usually means looking at homes only available from the sellers with no broker involved, also known as "FSBOs".

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Lori Ballen is making a video on how much is realtor commissions when selling a house in las vegas. She is in her living room and her cat gideon is nearby

What Is The Normal Commission For A REALTOR? [Video]

As a real estate agent team, we are often asked What Is The Normal Commission For A Realtor. The answer is: There isn't one. The commission is always negotiable. You'll find listing agents for 1% commission, others for 6% and even 10%. There are also variable commissions which you'll learn more about in this video.

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Paper, paperclicks, ruler, postcard that spells out how much is your property worth

Property Condition when Selling a House

This article explains why the property condition when selling a house makes a huge difference in showings, offers, and your bottom line.

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Black background with yellow chalk drawijngs of a house, newspaper, and magnifying glass. Reads Summerlin Housing Market News with BALLEN on top

Summerlin Las Vegas Real Estate Market

n the past 5 years, Summerlin Las Vegas has seen home prices that average in the low to mid 300's. Summerlin has higher averages that the rest of the Greater Las Vegas Real Estate Market as a whole. Each village has it's own features and style as well as its own average home price. As…

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Quickly See How the Market is Doing

Be in the know and find out what is going on in the Las Vegas Housing Market. Find out if it’s currently a buyer’s or seller’s market with up to date information about the trends going on in the Las Vegas Valley.

How This Website Works

Here’s how this website works. When a real estate agent works with a seller and receives a signed agreement to list their home in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), the agent goes to work on photos and details. Once he puts it into the MLS system, the property then syndicates to all websites offering a homes database like this one.

In Southern Nevada, once the home is under contract, which means the seller has received and accepted an offer, the home is marked in the MLS as contingent. We work hard to only show you properties that are active and not yet marked as contingent. A pending listing will be one that is ready to close pending something specific such as bank financing, inspections, another home sale etc.

There’s always a chance that property has received an offer. The best way to know is to contact us right away if you see a home you like. We can check with the listing agent to verify current status of the property. Call Lori Ballen Realtor® at Keller Williams Realty. 702-604-7739

Las Vegas Homes For Sale

From Summerlin to the Las Vegas Strip, to North Las Vegas, to Green Valley, Lori Ballen Team has you covered. 

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Living in Las Vegas

Known as The Entertainment Capital of the World or Sin City to the majority of the world, for the nearly 600,000 denizens who live within the borders of Las Vegas, they just call the place home, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Las Vegas StripImagine living your life with the world-famous Las Vegas Strip in front of you and the splendor of the Nevada desert as your daily backdrop.  Great jobs, never-ending entertainment prospects, superior schools, a host of outdoor recreational opportunities, along with an outstanding healthcare system makes for good living in the Southern Nevada desert.  Let’s not forget to mention that the Las Vegas Real Estate Market is making a come back.

If you are feeling poorly and in need of medical attention, Las Vegas has a host of hospitals, urgent care facilities, and general practitioners to get you through your tribulations.  As the major metropolitan center for hundreds of miles around, the city has had to become self-sufficient in the delivery of its health care, and the medical industry certainly stepped up to the plate to provide quality care for the community.

Local Tips

  • Parking here is ample and open. While you will find parking fees at the airport, downtown, and some hotels and casinos, you will be pleased to find parking in most places in a lot, on the street, or in a garage at little to no charge.
  • Even though parking is ample, we have valet everywhere. You’ll find valet parking at many of our shopping centers even.
  • The locals rarely go the Strip. With huge casino hotels all over the valley now, shows, bars, restaurants, movie theaters, bowling alley’s etc. are all in one hotel nearby most neighborhoods.
  • There are poker machines – everywhere.
  • We locals say Na-VA-duh (as in bat), not NeVAHduh (as on-off)
  • We don’t actually live in hotels (most of us anyway)
  • Tipping here is huge. It’s expected, yet should still be earned in our opinion. 15% to 20% is standard. You will see tip cups everywhere. If someone simply hands you a donut, a tip may not be called for. If they provide a service or “extra”, you may feel inclined to so-so. Tipping “IN” with your car at valet is not required, yet some do in hopes to receive better treatment. Just know that tipping does not ensure better service.
  • When you gamble, your drinks are generally free. Sit down at the machine and THEN order your drink.
  • Try Macayo Vegas on W. Sahara for some delicious Mexican, American Food and order a TCT!

Types of Real Estate

  • New Construction: Currently built and for sale, under construction, or dirt that will be built out.
  • Condo: Generally a multiple level building containing hundreds of individual attached units. Some have garages.
  • Townhome: Smaller buildings, many single story, attached homes generally with garages. These are more like traditional single-family homes, yet are attached.
  • High Rise: These are tall buildings with many levels featuring condo and loft style homes.
  • Lofts: Very open floorplans in condo style living.
  • Single Family: The Traditional house not attached to another. We have one, two and three story homes here.