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Nevada Hardest Hit Fund

The Nevada Hardest Hit Fund is a centralized funded program which provides the relevant assistance to homeowners of Nevada who are financially struggling in their bid to repay their mortgage.

Will New Construction in My Neighborhood Reduce My House Price?

The terms “seller’s market” and “buyer’s market” describe the party most likely to benefit from a real estate transaction in certain conditions. These terms derive from the basic economic principle of supply and demand. Put simply, when more houses are listed for sale than there are buyers willing to buy those houses, prices will go … Continued

House with a heart next to the words hope brings you home

Hope Brings You Home Down Payment Assitance

Hope Brings You Home helps Potential Buyers become Home Owners with Down Payment Assitance

Can the Buyer Assume My Mortgage?

Assuming a mortgage is the act of taking over someone else’s mortgage debt along with his home. The process goes something like this. The buyer makes a price offer. The seller accepts that offer. But instead of paying the offer price in cash or by mortgage finance, the buyer pays only the seller’s equity and … Continued

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Owner Will Carry Loans and Seller Financing

Also referred to as the seller financing or creative financing, Owner Will Carry Financing is an agreement where a buyer finances the acquisition of property through finance advanced by the seller. The amount advanced to the purchaser is included in the purchase price. Normally, this option is more suitable to a buyer who cannot get … Continued