Camden Park Community Homes For Sale

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Camden Park is a neighborhood in Silverado Ranch. The legal subdivision lists the community as Ebbets Ranch.  It is in the South Las Vegas area. Properties in this neighborhood were built by Presley Homes, now known as William Lyons Homes around the late 1990’s.  This gated community offers houses that range in size from just under 2000 square feet to over 3000 square feet and come in single story and two story models with 3-6 bedrooms. All properties in Camden Park feature 3 car garages.

Map of the location of Camden Park in Silverado Ranch

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Schools near Camden Park

Elementary School

Roberta C. Cartwright Elementary School

1050 E Gary Ave
Phone: (702) 799-1350

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Middle School

Kids are smiling, middle school age children

Jack L. Schofield Middle School
8625 South Spencer Street
Phone: (702) 799-2290

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High School

High School Kids in a class with their teacher in Henderson or Las Vegas

Silverado High School

1650 Silver Hawk Ave
Phone (702) 799-5790

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