Henderson Homes for Sale with a Casita

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Enjoy shopping this list of Henderson Homes with a Casita, Guest House, or Mother in-Law Quarters. Call Lori Ballen Team at 702-604-7739 to better identify your needs so we can help find that perfect home!

As part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, Henderson gets a lot of visitor traffic because it’s nestled right next to one of the biggest, brightest tourist attractions in the world. If you’re looking to move to Henderson, a room for guests is not only ideal, it’s a must.

Henderson Casitas are also called mother-in-law quarters or guest houses. Why would someone need a casita? Look into the future and you might see a young college graduate returning to the nest to work and save money, or a parent who doesn’t want to live alone.

Homes for Sale in Henderson with a Casita

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