Rhodes Ranch Golf Club

What Can Golfers Expect From Rhodes Ranch Golf Club?

Here are some of the things that golfers can expect from Rhodes Ranch Golf Club:

  • Convenience is to be expected. In part, this is because Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is no more than a few minutes’ drive away from the Las Vegas Strip. However, it also helps that it has great amenities such as a golf shop stocked with the latest in golfing equipment as well as a restaurant that serves up mouthwatering food in addition to featuring a bar and multiple flat-screen TVs. Better still, if there is some sort of golfing equipment that can’t be found in its on-site store, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is willing to lend a helping hand by ordering it in.
  • Encompassing 6,909 yards in total, its 18-hole course will test golfers’ willingness to take risks in exchange for shaving off a few strokes on their score. Its environment includes changing elevations, multiple water features, and what is reputed to be some of the best par three holes in the region, which are sure to make for a fun and exciting time for even the most experienced golfers.
  • Despite this, Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is capable of accommodating golfers of all levels. For those who are most interested in improving their skills, there is the Player’s Club, which will introduce them to like-minded people while also providing them with useful and interesting instruction. Combined with the friendliness of the staff, this is sure to make even the best game of golf that much better.
  • On a final note, it is interesting to note that the Rhodes Ranch Golf Club is also available for people who want someplace special to hold their weddings as well as other important celebrations. Given its spectacular view of its surroundings as well as its beautiful setting, it is no coincidence that it has managed to earn 5 out of 5 stars according to Las Vegas Bride Magazine.

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