The Home Selection Tour

Once financing is complete, and you have determined your purchasing power, your designated agent will schedule a home tour. Allow approximately 2-3 hours for your tour depending on your home selection. You may choose to ride along with your agent, or follow in your own vehicle.

Our experience shows that most buyers will narrow down their selection to 4-5 homes in which they will choose one.

When there are more homes than that on the tour, it probably means the agent didn’t narrow down enough “specifics”or you are in luck with massive inventory in your area and price range and are not too “picky”.

You can help narrow down time by browsing through the photos and home features in the MLS listing your agent has sent you and eliminating any homes that are not strong candidates for your selection.

What to do when looking at houses

  • Have all decision makers on the tour
  • Be prepared with things to keep the kids busy on the tour so you can focus on notes and questions
  • Bring a digital camera and take pictures of each home or better yet, capture video. Your smart phone is great for this. Your designated agent would be happy to follow along and record for you so you can take notes.
  • Have a pen/pencil and notepad to make notes. You will forget. It’s important to note LIKES and DISLIKES for each home.
  • Example: Island in kitchen is amazing. Example: 3rd room for nursery is a bit small Example: Love the his and her walk in closets in master Example: Yard will require new landscaping
  • Departing each home, Rank the home on a 1-10 scale on how likely you would be to write a compelling offer
  • During the hot months, frozen bottles of water are a great idea for the trip. Some homes will not have power or air conditioning
  • Don’t wear shoes that you are worried about scuffing.
  • Be prepared to write an offer. There is not much sense in touring homes when you are not prepared to buy, as those homes are certain to not be available at a later date. If we have done our job, as your Las Vegas real estate agent, you are prepared, have selected strong candidates, have your financing, have a comfortable knowledge of the process and you are ready to buy.
David Lamer with the Lori Ballen Team was amazing from the start! I referred my loved ones to them, who had recently relocated to the area. David was responsive and professional throughout the entire process. And, they closed on their new home in record time! David was great and I would highly recommend him again.

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