Buying a Home in Las Vegas

A home warranty is often referred to as a home owners warranty or home protection plan. Home warranties are often used to cover expenses that are not covered by insurance. It can be purchased by a seller, buyer or even the real estate company.

Whether you are buying or selling a home in the Las Vegas real estate market, you should have facts that guide you in making decisions regarding home warranties.

Home Warranty Cost

If you are a home owner trying to sell a house, it may be the very sweetener needed to make the sale. If you are a buyer looking at homes for sale, asking for a warranty can save you the cost of purchasing it yourself.

Properties that come with a warranty often sell faster because the buyer feels an added sense of security.

The added protection of a home warranty comes with a surprisingly low price tag.prehensive home and contents insurance policy will go a very long way in helping you and your family to get your lives back to normal in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

A one year home warranty costs $400-$600, on average here in Las Vegas. For each service call, a small deductible will have to be paid. The cost of the deductible is typically less than $100.

What’s included?

Before signing on the dotted line, it is imperative to understand what is and is not covered in a home warranty. No one wants to put in a service call, only to discover that the needed repair is excluded.

Types of repairs generally covered in home warranties include electrical, plumbing, furnace, heating ducts and central air conditioning, major appliances included in the home and the water heater.

Even within the list of covered repairs, there can be exclusions.

As explained by Bankrate, a water heater is covered. But if the service repair person discovers it went out because of rust or poor maintenance, the repair or replacement may be excluded and “you might have to pay the bill yourself.”

Exclusions typically include solar heating units, lighting systems, pool or spa, septic systems and other such items. If you are unsure about what is included, ask your real estate agent if the home warranty company fails to make all the details clear to you.

Pros and Cons  

Having a warranty can potentially make the difference in the quick sale of your home, since statistics show that homes sell faster when a home warranty is included.

In spite of the seemingly considerable advantages, there are those who say home warranties are not worth the nominal cost.

The Los Angeles Times quoted  Consumers’ Checkbook as saying

“You’ll do better to place that money into a home-repair fund.”

Having this protection can be a blessing in disguise to the buyer and seller. Ask your real estate agent for guidance if you are unsure about getting a home warranty included. While some organizations question the need for it, home warranties have become almost universal in the real estate market and are probably unlikely to disappear any time soon.

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