Summerlin’s new master-planned community, The Summit, offers a wide range of amenities. Shopping malls go to the wayside in favor of luxury outdoor entertaining, designer golf courses and elaborate recreation centers

Las Vegas has churned out some master-planned communities over the past few decades, including Summerlin, which introduces its newest community, the Summit; the most recent model in creating spaces for how people live.

With an abundance of golf courses and walking trails in the new development, the land is used resourcefully to feature ample shopping and recreation centers with different kinds of activities ranging from swimming pools and exercises classes to tennis complexes and sports fields. Lifestyle directors are also on-site to ensure residents take advantage of a host of activities and facilities.

The Summerlin Development

Set amidst the Vegas Strip and the Red Rock Canyon, the Summerlin area is a luxury escape. Since its creation in 1990, it has grown to include over 150 recreation parks, over 30 schools, 15 houses of worship, a host of 5-star restaurants, resort-style hotels, several entertainment centers, golf courses, office pavilions and medical centers.

What sets the Summerlin community and the Summit apart are the signature programs that have increased over the years. With a focus on fun, fitness, entertainment and world-class services, the Howard Hughes Corporation broke the mold on service standards and private club exclusivity.

The Summerlin area sits on 555 acres and is only 15-minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. Convenient to the McCarren International Airport which is only about 15-minutes away, it’s a private club with a great deal to offer its many residents.

Events such as live musical entertainment or movie night with the kids are becoming more common throughout the Summerlin area. Other trends include classes and demonstrations in the amenities center, custom playgrounds and a focus on art and other interests.

The Summerlin Community is making education a primary aspect of the area. With over 30 private and public schools and several different daycare centers, there are strong academic programs in the Summerlin community. Teachers embrace the multicultural community with social integration and diversity while offering a host of special events and robust offerings to students.

The Summit Community

The Summit, the Summerlin’s newest community, is only 9-miles from the Las Vegas strip and offers a world-class lifestyle with ample entertainment opportunities. With the only private residential golf community in Las Vegas, there are 262 residences, a gaming and viewing room, various dining selections, wellness classes, and recreation programs that are more elaborate than the planned communities that started nearly 20 years ago.

With a focus on fitness, the amenities centers have more to offer as the Summerlin values relationships with its community. It is much more of a resort than previous communities envisioned, and focuses on health, fun, family events and leisure time.

Summit residents can take part in various outdoor events, open café areas, and state-of-the-art fitness centers. With a new 400-acre urban center, the residential opportunities are endless. Pedestrian friendly, residents can partake of the 106-acre outdoor space as well as a host of entertainment and dining options.

Communing with nature is part of the plan in The Summit and Summerlin community. From the executive and PGA style golf courses to the trails and recreation centers, the outdoor spaces include everything from biking, hiking and walking trails, to fire pits and open barbecue areas. Families can take in a movie, listen to live music and connect with other neighbors in their own or surrounding communities.

Benefits to the Summit Community

The Summerlin community offers a host of amenities that families will enjoy as Summit residents. With generously sized gyms, theaters, great rooms and gaming rooms, there is also state of the art appliances and fresh fares to partake of. Whether families choose to stay in or partake of a farm-to-table restaurant experience, the community brings families together.

While a few of the features that come with master-planned communities have changed over the years, there have been noticeable changes in the Summerlin community that help it to thrive. Developers are seeking out ways to bring luxury entertainment and security into the folds of tight-knit communities. Whether it’s offering the newest in energy-efficient alliances, turnkey furnishings or state of the art recreation facilities, they are touting to buyers that want designer amenities, state of the art luxury and the security of a private community.

With its various offerings, the Summerlin is an adult’s playground catering to the discerning rich and new Summit residents have a lot to look forward to. As more master-planned communities develop, they will continue to feature state-of-the-art recreation centers, excellent school systems, access to convenient travel, employment and entertainment, and designer luxury.
Here are some great Golf Course Properties in Summerlin.

For those not from the area, Summerlin is a Master Planned Community inside Las Vegas spanning 22,500 Acres near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Summerlin has more than 150 Parks and more than 150 Miles of Trails. Summerlin is not a city, we are still in Las Vegas. Summer acts like a city. Inside Summerlin, you’ll find Villages. These Villages have a community and amenities of their own. Inside the Villages, you’ll find neighborhoods we call subdivisions. Many of these Villages also have Golf Course Communities.

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