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Las Lomas at The PaseosLos Lomas is a beautiful community located in the Paseos Village in Summerlin. This community’s homes are single family homes which are measured in square feet from mid 3,000s. Many of these properties are Summerlin homes with pools.

Los Lomas homes were built by 3 different construction companies. These homes tend to be priced anywhere from $300,000 through $475,000. Many of these homes are two story Summerlin homes with 3-5 bedrooms. The Los Lomas Community homes’ construction started in 2004 and was completely finished in 2006 making this community 10 years old or less. This community is a perfect place for homebuyers looking to purchase a home in The Paseos.

Los Lomas is located very close to the 215 beltway which gives it quick access to the rest of Summerlin and the other parts of Las Vegas. Los Lomas, being a community of The Paseos in Summerlin which is a master planned community, includes many trails nearby that were planned before building began. The beautiful trails are one aspect of Summerlin that is greatly boasted about and is one of the features that attracts many people to live in this area.Las Lomas Home

The assigned schools in this area are  Linda Rankin Givens Elementary School, Sig Rogich Middle School, and Palo Verde high school. Summerlin prides itself with having high ranking schools and excellent teachers and students.
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