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Owner Will Carry Loans and Seller Financing

Chair and lamp, wall says owner will carry

Also referred to as the seller financing or creative financing, Owner Will Carry Financing is an agreement where a buyer finances the acquisition of property through finance advanced by the seller. The amount advanced to the purchaser is included in the purchase price. Normally, this option is more suitable to a buyer who cannot get … Continued

6 Recommended Features for Your Retirement Property

If you’ve reached retirement age, or are approaching it, you may be looking out for a new home to suit your changing wants and needs. With your sunset years ahead, it’s wise to consider the problems that age can bring and the facilities they require. On the other hand, retirement is for enjoying your hard-earned … Continued

12 Steps to an Offer- Winning Open House

One way a seller can attract buyers is by throwing an open house. Done properly, an open house can attract multiple offers and secure a fast sale. Do it poorly, however, and you’ll put potential buyers off your home. Make your open house go with a swing with these twelve tips. #1: Make any repairs … Continued

How to Sell A House In Las Vegas

This comprensive guide will show you how to sell a house in Las Vegas. We  will cover pricing strategies, preparing your home for the showings, why to have your home pre appraised, finding the right real estate agent, and even how to sell by owner.If you are wondering what your home might sell for in today’s Las … Continued